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Phoenix Az

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Hello everyone.. I am writing for two reasons..


One is because I want to check out my new Avitar at work and two because I am looking for people who want to go geocaching in the Phoenix, Arizona area.. Anybody interested... :)


ohh one more thing.. check this ebay auction out.. this is really cool.. I gotta pick one of these babies up when my TB's come in!!




Pete :)

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ohh one more thing.. check this ebay auction out.. this is really cool.. I gotta pick one of these babies up when my TB's come in!!

That's very cool, however, keep in mind that the listing guidelines state that:


If a shovel, trowel or other "pointy" object is used to dig, whether in order to hide or to find the cache, then it is not appropriate.



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I wonder why that ebay link for a geocache site would not be appropriate.. looks like an awsome geocache site..  so what that you have to bury it to make it look hidden??? can anyone further explain this to me??



I'm not sure if this is the right topic area for your question; perhaps it's better suited for here? But I'll answer it, or any others that you have, the best I can :lol:


Here's an example of how to hide a link and replace it with a single word.


To hide this link ( http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=2b...0e-97a5af7e11e0 ) as the text "Link", do the following:


Type (without the spaces): [url= http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=2b...0e-97a5af7e11e0 ]Link[ /URL]


If you do it right, it should end up looking like this: Link


Hope this helps :bad:

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I try not to cache in Phoenix after March. it's just too darn hot!

I start to consider taking off my winter jacket when it gets to 110° here....you high desert dwellers are so whipped.... :mad:

I wear heavy wool socks until about 110°.... B)

Once it hits 85, it's hot enough around here for me.

My wife hate's the heat (anything over 90 is "too dadgum hot") and I love the heat... She thinks I'm crazy when I want to go hiking or mtn. biking and it's 100° out. She also hates our jeep... the only time we have AC in it is when we have the windows down and we're going 60 B)

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Been a long time since Ive had a chance to go to the forums here.


If you'd like a list of good caches to go to, ask us on the list serv for Azgeocaching.com. I'd personally recommend Arizona Falls. It is by the canal, has waterfalls, and is a pleasant cool cache in these temperatures. What kind of caches do you like? Challenging urbans? See Cache Infantesimal, D-Man and Old Glory: the Dogs of War. Scenic ones? Rx: GPS prn (another shameless plug for mine) Want to see the desert or western stuff? Prospector Mickey Revisited and Ghostly Ride.



Steve (TTB), some of us cache in the hot temps. Although in the summer, those night raids on caches are a blast.

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Phoenix is one of my favorite towns to cache in. Last year I would get into town Saturday evening then cache straight until around Sunday noon. Yes, it was hot. Several times the temperature never went below 100. Just take lots of water, a small flashlight, and a black light (for those black light caches, or when you want to see the scorpions! :( ).


Night caching is probably what you want to concentrate on in Phoenix this time of year. I seem to remember, though, that most of the parks close around 10:00 pm.


While you are in Phoenix, you might want to head a little northwest and take in the caches around Wickenburg, another great spot to cache in the area.

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