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What Equipment To Get


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I am looking to get a GPS. I have an IPAQ and have seen the CF GPS receivers. Are these any good? Most come with an external antena. Can the IPAQ handle the software (space)? Would I just be better off buying a standard hand held GPS?


Any help/advise would be great.



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I used to go caching with my Magellan Companion hooked into my Handspring Visor, but I realized I spent more time watching and worry about my PDA then actually enjoying the views.

You could get a basic GPS for about the same price as the PDA GPS - that would be my recommendation. :ph34r:

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What SL said! Definitely go with the dedicated rcvr! I would suggest something in the eTrex line (Legend) or perhaps Magellan's SporTrek Map as a good starter unit. As to which one, well, price, features and appeal will decide that. I am sure that there will be no shortage of reccomendations here either!



(Of course there's only one choice: Legend! ) :ph34r:

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An IPAQ may be able to handle the software, but it won't be able to handle the abuse that a GPS will get while geocaching.

Yup. Many (Most?) GPS receivers are waterproof and will just laugh if dropped into a puddle. Can't say the same think about a PocketPC or a Palm, though. A receiver is probably going to have a better chance of surviving a drop onto the ground than a PDA, too. I use a PDA while caching, but only to look at the cache descriptions, etc. It perhaps gets pulled out of my pack when I stop to sit down on a stump, but spends its *active* trail life tucked away safely.

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Although it's been maybe two years since I've tested one of the GPS add-ons for a PDA, I found that they gulped down power so fast that it made my Garmin Legend seem parsimonious with power. Add in the potential rough handling and damp, and I think a handheld GPSr is the better choice.

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