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Best Caches In Orlando Area


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Hey, just wanted to do an informal survey. Team Griff-N-Go is going to the Orlando area in June and wanted to see what were the must do caches in that area. Basically, I am looking for a top 10 list. There is a catch to this. Two members are 10 and 4 years old, so no 15 stage multi’s or ones that have complicated puzzles. Those are fine at home, but we will be fitting caching in with other vacation activities. We should have a canoe with us, so water accessed ones are ok. Thanks for the help.

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hi , just tagging along on this topic, we also are in orlando at the end of

june, visiting from holland. and looking for some great caches to do


we are interested in caches , that are not to complex, but nature multi cache is allways welcome. Would be nice to do some quit nature walking after visiting the

parks :-)





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I'll be landing in Orlando on the 17th and already planning on hitting a couple of caches at or around the airport. It will be my first visit home since I started geocaching, and I'm extremely excited to start. My destination is actually an hour from there, but there are so many great-looking caches to be found in between. Can't wait to see what others may have to add to this forum!


Paula :lol:

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I also liked Bridges Over Fern Creek. Other favs were Get On Down (nice little walk on a boardwalk) and Sanford Beach Bum. For challenging, try the Uuh, Seriously Dude series - in a nice park with short walks and long hunts. If you like urban micros the Nano series by Nomad is good and and for a total challenge try Urban Geoflage.


I did a run in Orlando several months ago - started in the Sanford Beach Bum area and worked my way over to Winter Park to the Park Ave We See You Webcam cache (another good one if you can call someone to take your picture).


You might post a query on the FloridaCaching.com website - I'm sure you could get a couple of phone numbers for cachers in the area in case you have any last minute questions while you're there.

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