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Too Well Hidden

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But how many people really check the rating before they go out? i just hit a nearest and go for it. nothing i hate more than not being able to find a cache. i am willing to try a couple of times, coming from different angles, but i really do want to log a find. the taller half of our team is starting to refuse to go on multi's because it's so easy to miss one leg and never find the final.

You don't check the ratings? Whose fault is that?


ALL the information on a cache page can potentially be important to finding a cache. Many of the "clues" to a cache are hidden in the text and information like ratings can mean the difference between one you want to try for and one you want to skip.


If you don't avail yourself of all the information available, it is not the cache hider's fault.

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There's also the luck factor. Sometimes you just go right to it, somtimes you don't. I have one micro cache hidden in a sawed off stump, 2 feet in diameter, that had two did not finds in a row, both saying they spent 20+ minutes looking for it, indicating they were looking in the stump according to the clue. Before I could get out there, someone found it. Go figure!

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