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There are many great GPS's. The best ones go for thousands of dollars. I'm sure you are talking about handheld consumer consumer grade GPS's, which top off at about $500. The new Garmin 60CS seems to be the creme de la creme at this point. I haven't tried it yet, but its getting great reviews from those who have. Then there's the Garmin GPS V, which many considered to be the top one before the 60CS came along. The GPS V can be found at bargain prices since the 60CS was introduced.


On the Magellan side, the Meridian Platinum is wildely considered to be their best model.

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The BEST GPSr is the one in your hand, with fresh batteries, guiding you to the 'cache! That said, welcome to another Garmin/Magellan Ford/Chevy debate! Try the different models, find one that feels comfortable and makes sense to you. Do some reasearch and find out what features you feel would be important (ie, Colour display, lots of memory, one-handed operation...) and go from there. Good luck!

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They start near $100 and peak around $500. More money doesn't necessarily buy you better accuracy, usually just more features.


If you provided us with more specifics like how you want to use it, specific features that you need/want and what your budget is then people could give you recomendations.

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