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Hey, as an owner of a yellow Jeep Wrangler (bought it after finding YJ Fever as my 100th cache), can I get an early reserved spot for my name on the list to recieve one of the extra 1000 YJTB's? They're so cute, and I already have some ideas for my contest photo!



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Anyone that hoards one is just robbing themselves of a chance to win in the essay and photo contest for those YJTBs that is seperate from the main contest. If they want to keep one and not enter that portion of the contest, that's fine with me.....more chances for others to win.

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Tomebug: It pays to be friends with your regional volunteer cache reviewer. :grin:

Speaking of which, I am done detailing your caching chariot and dinner will be ready in 15 minutes.


I have a feeling that initially these will be hidden in a few caches that haven't been visited much, or are of the "harder" type.

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ummm, just curious, since it's the 24th of May and this Yellow Jeep Travel Bug thing (which has gotten decent advertising in print and etc. ) is supposed to start in about a week, is there an update on progress from the Groundspeak folks ?

I, for one, sent in our organization's info and I'm sure others did as well but I've heard nothing about delivery. [if some were delivered I feel like I'd have read an excited posting here in this thread]


So, what's up Jeremy and Hydee ?


any little nugget will do as far as if we can look for them in our mailboxes this week or maybe next ?


Thanks B)

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Bah, had a look around and the promotion is just for you lucky Americans!




Maybe you can get Landrover to put on something in your neck of the woods :P

Not all Americans - but I already groused about that earlier. ^_^

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The second program is the 4,000 die-cast yellow jeep wranglers with their own custom travel bug attached. There will be a monthly contest starting June 1st through December 25th where a prize will be given for the best photo, and another award for the best essay relating to these found travel bugs.


I forsee the jeeps being taken from the caches and never seen again except in pictures. :P

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The tags have been produced and are being stamped this weekend. we'll be assembling the Jeep Travel Bugs and shipping them out next week. Unfortunately there were some mother nature issues that resulted in the tags being finished late.

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Since these are headed out soon - are there any being sent to Hawaii (the big island)?


I'm heading tomorrow for vacation and would love to see one there.

IF not, I'll be catching up when I get back (I'm missing an event cache where we were hoping to get some distributed in N. California).


Looking forward to a fun promotion.

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Just putting in my 2 cents on th Jeep travel bugs... I think it is a VERY COOL thing that Jeep is doing, however, I agree with the cachers that expect the travelbugs to come up missing never to be seen again. As the owner of 4 travel bugs - 2 that have gone AWOL, and 2 that are "supposedly" in the hands of cachers that never return my emails... I hope that any contest that involves these Jeeps includes some kind of requirements that if you win anything, that you had previously (and are required to) logged the thing out of the cache (not just swipe it - sorry if I am out of line here) like you are suppose to, and move it along to give someone else a chance. If a "Jeep" bug hasn't been logged into your possession the correct way, you shouldn't get credit for it. Play fair, follow the rules and you will be rewarded - cheat and you get nothing. Not really fair for someone to take a bug, win something, and never to have logged that they took it. Then fellow cachers are still looking for a Jeep-bug that isn't there. I know I would love to find one. Keeping it would be cool - but not right, and I wouldn't even consider it. Now winning a new Jeep, that's even cooler yet! Better go enter for the day..... Thanks for the chance Jeep!!!

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One thousand individual requests some time soon will be honored. But when can we request them? Paid members first? Ladies first? I would like to know how to get on that list. I am not an orginization but I do qualify as an individual.

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Unfortunately due to the recent storms in the Midwest, the production of the Travel Bug tags were delayed. No power makes it difficult when trying to manufacture tags.


We'll be shipping them out to the orgs this week. Once they get out we'll let you know how to get an individual tag.



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:D oh well I guess I have to learn patience!!! I can not wait to get one and I will most definetly pass them along. I hope to take some great pics and write that essay. I must have luck of some sort as I have around 15 to 20 TB's and they are all traveling most in the country and some in Europe and some sitting tight at caches. I think what has helped is that i have them all on my watch list and when they are in a cache some member of our team checks daily at the posts If some one says they took a TB which has happened and did not retrieve the bug we emailed them. One time they had already placed the bug in another sight and did not know to jot the number down or to log the bug in a different place then just the log.. So as i did not know what else to do we met each other at the sight I had never been to grabbed the number and then we were able to remedy the situation. We both learned alot. Usually though after our friendly reminders they log after 2 weeks. Fortunately my bugs have not been in a muggled cache.
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I think somewhere I read that the date for release of the YJTBs was June 1st. Since there has been a delay, does that mean there is a new date for release, or are organizations just going to release them as they receive them? I'm excited to start hunting these new TBs and just wanted to know when to start looking.


McWeb :D

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Has it been pointed out that the TB contest is not actually to win a Jeep? That doesn't take anything away from it for me, of course, but its just that people seem to have the idea that the TB contest is for winning a Jeep, which it's not.

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Personally, I'd just be happy to lay my hands on a YJTB. There are those of us in this little state that wonder if we're getting any of them. I know that there will be those that want to keep them hot babies as keep sakes but I know that most of us will just take a pic and log the # (as proof) and move it along so that others can get all excited when they see that one of them is in a cache near them. (that sound you hear is cacher's knocking over furniture to get out of the house to get to the cache where one has been spotted) I think it's a great idea. New things are great and they create talk and excitment and that is good for the human spirit! Ok, I'd love to get a real jeep just like everyone else but hey I know the odds. Much better odds of getting a TB so enjoy and keep a look out for them.

"Can't make everyone happy, but then there are the rest of us!"


just my .02.......................... :rolleyes: "smile, it makes you look better!"

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The only LandRovers I see around here are the YP (yuppie bastard) model that goes straight to the dealer for a detailing if a speck of dust is spotted anywhere.

LOL One of ours is a 2003 Discovery SE, which could sometimes be mistaken for the soccer mom vehicle, though it has a fair amount of mud on it right now. The other 3 Land Rovers probably predate even the term yuppie itself by at least 20 or 25 years:




Spencer, a 1969 Series IIa 88 (North American import)




Happy, a 1972 Series III 109 (ex-British military, NATO vehicle)




and Matilda, a 1976 Forward Control 101 (ex-British military troop carrier, used to tow howitzers up a 60 degree incline)

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