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!!!! Beware Of W.a.g. !!!!

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the only living thing in my house that has ever fallen in the toilet was my airhead dog that use to like to sit on the lid when i got ready for work. somone else had left the lid up. it also keeps it from being a huge water dish if you leave the lid down.

can't your husband just use a cup?? :mad:

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ahh to enjoy being SINGLE and UNEMPLOYED, there is nothing to get in the way of chaching, except not having your own gpsr. But on a happy not that was remedied the other day, now if i can only await the torture for it to arrive in the mail!!! and then i had to go and get a job, so there goes all my time. So i guess that just leaves me free to be single, and enjoy caching on my way home since the Blue ridge parkway has quite a few cache's on it.


wow sometimes it feels good to remind yourself that being single does have its advantages, even if the only person you hve to talk to while chaching is yourself!



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Julia and I cache together on occasion. She doesn't like the heat, or bugs (truth be told, I definitely prefer caching in fall/winter/early spring becase of those reasons). She also is not really into bushwhacking, but will cheer me on from the trail while I slog my way through. She enjoys micros quite a bit, and truthfully has an eye and a mind for them. Most of the time, I cache solo, but I still credit us as a team, because that is what we are. I love my wife too.


Matt (of MRMnJewel)

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Not sure whether my wife is part of WAG but she did say to a neighbor that Geocachers are STRANGE.in a good sort of way. I don't know what she basis this observation on but I was strange before she married me. So she can't blame that on geocaching. Maybe she meant stranger. Oh well!


Be Safe. Good Caching. Hope To Meet You On The Trail Some Day.



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Boy if ever there was a forum topic that fit my marriage this is it. I even told my wife what W.A.G. was and she thought it was perfect. It doesn't EXACTLY fit my scenario, she doesn't mind that I go out occasionally but taking off for a FTF when I'm supposed to be doing yardwork isn't looked upon kindly.

My wife calls it "geek boxing" and that's what my 5 year old daughter calls it too. :ph34r:

My 3 year old son tho, is cool with caching as long as we don't do too many at a time. He knows he's my "caching buddy" and refers to himself as that :o He loves getting little toys out of the boxes so he doesn't like micros all that much.

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Just to make things clear, my wife has explained to me that we ARE going geocaching for Mother's day and that I don't have ay say in the matter.


I love my wife.

Please have her cloned, mass-produced, and sold at all department stores.

:ph34r: I don't think department stores sell sex toys... :o


PR aka Mrs. Bons

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What do you do when your boyfriend is trying to cuddle & all you want to do is read gc.com discussions because its too dark & cold to actually cache??? :bad:

you find a new boyfriend who would want to cuddle with you while you read the posts on gc.com together. i wonder if we can say "couples that gc.com together stay together"?????




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as our name suggests, chris and i always cache together. we've done 61 since october, and each of them have been together. we do have a different sense of "fun" when it comes to caching...i like the easy terrain and urban caches, while h'ed go and attempt all the 5 star terrains. when we do get to one that i wont attempt b/c of the terrain, i go part way, an then wait on the level ground while he retrieves the cache and brings it back to me so i can sign the logbook :lol: we've only been caching for 6 months, but its an awesome way to spend a day!

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Hmmm . . . I guess Mopar's a lucky guy . . . no WAG in this household . . . never will be.


I love caching . . . he loves caching . . . we LOVE caching together.


So, there it is!


Happy caching and stuff! How cool is THAT?? :lol:

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My latest excu...I mean reason for coming home late from work is that I got myself lost.


She buys into it, and I feel somewhat safe, because I take my pistol whenever I leave the house. :lol: I had to work on her for a little bit a couple days ago, as I got 'lost' again but the GPS was still sitting in my office. It was my first serious crack at finding caches sans GPS, which was 3/3 on the morning.


Geocaching has become a pasttime for me, and my wife knows when I'm jonesing to cache, and complains little when I head out. Her chief concern is knowing where I'll be if I don't make it home, so I leave a cache map with caches I'm going for up on my computer in the office.

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Perhaps you and your buddy should join your wives in one of their activities and maybe they might be less likely to hate geocaching. Scrapbooking anyone? 


Scrapbooking works great in my parts also. We have several separate hobby's. I buy ammo cans and gpsr's, she buys die cuts and albums. I buy batteries and swag, she buys stickers, and 12x12 paper. 2 weekends ago, she went to a scrapbooking retreat, and I saw more woods than carpet. She goes to "crops", I go caching.


Only drawback, every time I go to an outdoors store, I also have to go to a craft store. Small price to pay for a wife that lets me cache whenever I want, unless she says otherwise. dadgum family commitments ;)

She and my friends wife are both into Scrapbooking big time.......helps a little.

yes...Julia caches with me sometimes...most times it is just me...she scrapbooks, though, so she has her thing that she spends time and money on, and I have mine...works very well... :D

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Must be something in the water.


Tiff introduced me to geocaching...but she's an urban geocaher. She's not doing anything that MAY put her in proximity to snakes.


As for knitting, avid. Several weeks ago I felt my first earthquake in California. When I was tossed out fo bed, the yarn in the hosue cuchioned me. And scrapbooking...she has her own patent on a tool called "The Magic Matter."


Maybe there's a conspiracy going on between al those knitting, scrapbooking wives.

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The secret is to marry a geek.

Did that, but it's not necessarily the solution.


My wife is much more geekier than I, and has no problem with geekdom, but with the outdoors. Yikes! She'll acknowledge the existence of our garden, but beyond that is where the creepy wide world starts, places where only crazy people like me will go.




Opposites attract :D

I wonder where (continued) she got that idea?


I also remember the trouble you got into when we had our discussion about that "craziness". :D


Fwiw, mine isn't geeky, but she thinks the same way.

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What the he** is "scrapbooking?" ;)


The other day I crashed around the woods on a bushwhack back from a cache. When I finally reached my boyfriend at the car, I asked him to check my hair for spiders....


Our caching "disagreements" are rarely about him caching "too much" - they are usually about me getting left behind!

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Just to make things clear, my wife has explained to me that we ARE going geocaching for Mother's day and that I don't have ay say in the matter.


I love my wife.


Please have her cloned, mass-produced, and sold at all department stores.


I suppose this is a bad place to pop in and say that I introduced my husband to Geocaching, that he loves it really a whole lot too, and that he's decided he's a super lucky guy because on the way to dinner to celebrate our 13th anniversary, I insisted on stopping to cache because I wanted to retrieve a WJTB?


Yeah. Thought so. Sorry about that.

Oh, and he and the dog have me trained: toilet seat goes UP when I'm done using it. I automatically reach for it and put it down before use. I've sat on (but not whizzed on) the toilet lid a couple times doing that.


I'm so lucky - he got me my own GPS and hiking stick for my birthday...

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I created a Monster. Started talking about Geocaching. Decided we needed something better than the old Magellan that's as big as an original cellphone. Now every Sat and Sunday she wants to know where are we going? What caches are we doing? Do we have the bug spray and gatorade? Had some time during the day yesterday so she sent me caching to get a WJTB! We're sitting at home at night working on puzzle caches. It's taken 22 yrs to find something we both have a passion for. Mike

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<walter mitty> I just sat my wife down and explained that this was the way it was going to be. She better get use to it. Now how about running out to the kitchen and fixing me a sandwich? Oh, and bring a beer back with that.</walter mitty> :lol:  :)  :laughing:


I gained some ground this weekend, she went for a pedicure. $45. Thats a couple of ammo cans and a bag of dollar store stuff I can justify.  :lol:









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I remember, once upon a time my girlfriend would jog with me, walk with me..etc. What changed that? Wedding Cake! It is very important for all single guys to keep your girlfriends away from wedding cake!


The minute she ate the wedding cake, it caused back pain when she stepped foot on a trail!



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I try blaming my wife for my Caching addiction, she was the one who introduced this crazy hobby to me about three months ago. I work two jobs, about 70 hours a week, so finding the time to do this is pretty hard to do. I have tried taking our 5 year old daughter along, but she gets bored rather quickly, even after letting her "find" a cache, if you catch my drift....My first cache I hid I entitled it "Little One's First Cache" and every time someone finds it, I tell her that "someone found your cache, kiddo!" All I get is a "Uh huh"


I am sure I am not the only one who will use his lunch break to go find a cache or go to work a little early to stop by that cache that is on the way to work.


A perfect Saturday to me would be to wake up at about 5am and just take off for about 6-8 hours and do nothing but cache, no cell phones, no interruptions, just pure caching!


OK, I am done ranting, I guess I am just looking for other guys out there who are in the same boat I am!

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What a bunch of whiners! I bet most of you wouldn't be able to do half the caching you do if your wives weren't watching your kids and paying the bills. :P


I think I'm gonna start a Single Moms Geocaching group... We've got boots, backpacks, bandaids, we can get rid of spiders, and bribe a 5 year old into getting out of bed for a FTF- we don't need you guys for nothin'. Well, Ok, almost nuthin'. :P

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I sometimes go caching with my ex-wife. If we had discovered geocaching while we were still married, then maybe...nah!

I've thought about secretly asking mine along for some "geocaching".


At least in my dream, that's what I tell her on our way to the woods.


The fact that my dream doesn't include a GPS is a bit alarming, and usually the reason I wake up.

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I had to check this out after hearing about this at GeoBash from Mr. Hydnckers. I no longer have a W.A.G. B) (But not becasue of geocaching)


The key is to find the cutest female geocacher in your area and hook up with them. Then the perfect date becomes a day of geocaching followed by pizza and beer. Rinse and repeat.


Worked for me! B)

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