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Skully And Mulder "drive Up Past" 600!!!


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I'm fairly convinced that out of those 600, Helmut probably only found about 3 of them.  B)


As I was reading this I was thinking the same thing. my feeling is that he has trained Autumn to sniff out the caches for him. afterall didnt he log a FTF on the Fast cache? and now I understand he is training a JRT puppy (a well known dirt dog) with this cacheing team he should hit 1000 by november.


Congrads!, sorry we just missed you yesterday at the Gardens would have been nice to snap a photo of #600



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I second that - congratulations to Autumn, the girls, and their driver!!! B)


Seriously - congratulations and continued success. It's been fun caching with you all, finding your caches, and enjoying reading your logs! It's especially nice to see a geocaching team enjoying the game so much!!! Congrats!!!

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Thanks to everyone that congratulated us. It has really been a lot of fun and the kids & I still enjoy it - Autumn too. However, I do have a few comments to some of the posts...

· JMBella - I have personally found more then 3 caches.

· Scoobydooers - The JRT puppy was my wife’s anniversary gift and I don't think she wants her to be infected with this caching disease.

· TeamDEMP – I’m not that old.

· Autumn has actually helped on only one of our finds.


All kidding aside – thanks for the congrats and hope to see you on the trails, or at an event, soon.

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