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The pics need to be on a website, either geocaching.com or hosted somewhere else.


The site needs to allow images to be used by other sites. Pay sites and your ISP tend to allow this. Free hosting sites tend not to.


If it's online and you know the URL (http://www.yoursite.com/bob/image.jpg) just click the IMG button while typing in your post and type the URL in the window it makes for you.


Pray that it all works.



on my post to see how an image looks when you type it in.



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I have an interesting Benchmark story with pix, but cannot figure out how to post the pix here. Can someone provide me with an Idiot level tutorial that will allow me to post them?

This look familiar?

Just right click on the photo, go to Properties, then just a simple copy and paste the address into IMG.




Right click on the above photo just to see the window, then Properties. Interesting?




Hey, this is easy and fun!

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Spoo -


You need to have your own web space and put your pictures there. Most ISP's automatically give you web space with your internet account, although many people don't know they have it available to them. You don't need to make a web page, but you will need to copy your pictures from your computer to your web space if you want people to see them here.


Your picture with the beverage is on the Geocaching's site's own web space. In this topic, right-click your mouse on any of the pictures and then left-click on the word "Properties" in the box that appears. You will see where the picture exists on the web.


In this topic, or any other, people post a picture using the IMG button that you see when you write in the benchmark hunting forum. The IMG button asks you where the picture is on the web. The picture is not actually copied from a personal web space to the Geocaching site - instead, every time somone reads the topic, their browser copies the picture from that personal web space to their computer.

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You can use "The Bull Ring" (your archived cache page) as a place to up-load & store your pictures that you want to use on the forums. That way everything is right on this site. Nice & neat & easy. Plus you now have a use for that archived cache. :P


We do this & it is very easy. We saw this little tidbit on another thread somewhere in Geo-land.


Shirley & John~

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I've always thought it would be interesting to have the usual benchmarking toolkit topic, except with a picture of your tookit and its contents, but figured the management wouldn't like people's toolkit pictures posted to the site for it. (Not everyone has a webspace or knows how to use it.)


Maybe a locationless cache..... :lol:

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Black Dog , if you (or Happy Cycler, or someone else) needs an archived cache to use for uploading pictures to this site, feel free to use Coming and Going. It is one of our caches we had to archive. We logged in under a friend's account and, test logged a note, then uploaded this picture of a desert tortoise.




Hope this will make things a bit easier for those that need an easy place to put their pictures.


P.S. we don't have a website either.


John & Shirley

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