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Great Gps For A Newbie!

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Bull sh*t it's only $25 its at $66 and the reserve price still hasn't been met. I hate reserve prices they are the stupidest thing ebay has ever come up with. People should just start the bidding at the lowest price they will except. I never bid on reserve price items, you have no idea how much it is so why bid, you don't buy something at a store without knowing how much something it is. Oh well! B)

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By the time they reach the reserve add on shipping etc you're probably further ahead getting a store like CanadianTire to pricematch and give you 10% in CT money.


I recently got them to pricematch $185 (they're reg is $199) plus I got $21 in CDN Tire money from them for my next purchase. It can be found out west for $164 (I think I saw that @ GPS Central) but I couldn't get any of my local CTs to pricematch an online retailer.



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No offense but this guy's nuts I sure hope it doesn't sell and he has to list it again, it is at 117.50 with shipping and the reserve is still not met! Maybe he'll learn that he would get more bids if there was no reserve price. Doubtful however, if anyone out there decides to start selling on ebay remeber reserve prices are the biggest turn off for me and many others. I can't tell you how many items I haven't bid on because of a reserve price. Oh well!

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yep. I'm ocasionally shoping for knifes and HiTech stuff on e-bay and in most cases prices are higher than on number of e-shops, but living oversieas I don't have luxury to choose where to shop <_<


Bottom line: not everyone that paying higher prices is a sucker :ph34r:

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It's funny about reserve prices. I always just email the seller and ask what the reserve price is. They always tell me without hesitation. Then, I decide if I want it or not. I never understood reserves. They should just start the bidding at the minimum they will sell it for.

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