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On Cloud Nine

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We just returned from a short vacation in Nv. and we are still on clound 9 from all the great finds we made.


The first is a drill hole monumented in 1899 and we are the first to have recovered it since it was monumented!! :D the PID # is FS1149.




The second great find for us was finding a benchmark disk monumented in 1909!! The PID # is FS0601. This is the oldest disk we have found. It has been recovered by the NGS in 1949 and 1963 only. Over 40 years since the last recovery. :D




To go along with these 2 great finds we also found 7 others from 1934/1935, and our first and second 'chiseled squares'!!


We got to see our first (in the wild) desert tortoise and one nasty looking desert horned lizard (see our profile main page for a good picture of it.).


We hope all of you benchmarkers get to experience the thrills we got to have this past week.


Thanks for letting us crow about our finds.... :D


John & Shirley

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Sometime this summer I am going looking for some of the older marks in our area, and even not-so-in our area! My one major criteria for finding an old mark is that it hasn't been reset or updated--I want to see the work of the original survey party. So if it was set in 1905 as a beer bottle under a rock with a plus carved on it, I want it all to be there. Many marks around here seem to have been reset in the 1930s or 1940s with a standard disk. To me that just doesn't count as a 1905 find!

John & Shirley, those are both great finds in my book! The drill hole and the disk are both original (at least I THINK the disk is original--it is different from all that I have seen).

I have also found a few chiseled squares, and based on the location of them I think they were done long before they were described. I think I was looking at late 1800s surveying work. This one, KW0735, in Columbia, PA is my favorite find so far. It says it was monument in 1955, but I am sure it was old before then!

Keep on hunting!



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Smith Gap Reset (KV3628) has a long, interesting, and somewhat colorful history. I would love to have seen the orignal earthen jar from 1882! But I would have even settled for seeing the old surface stone and the four small monuments forming corners around it. What's interesting is the mention that the station was occupied as early as 1875. It was reset with a standard disk in 1929. This was a particularly exciting and fun-filled benchmark hunting adventure and one that Zhanna and I will always remember and talk about.


Cheers ...

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