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Anyone Up For Night Sweats?


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DATE: Wednesday, May 12th

TIME: 8 p.m.

WHERE: Meet at the starting spot: N40 45.275 W 074 22.746

PARKING: N40 45.067 W074 23.158

NOTE: Parking is in a quiet residential dead-end so please be discrete. Follow the path into the woods. You cannot access the cache from Route 24, or park anywhere along Route 24, despite the cache's close proximity

WHAT TO BRING: Bug repellant and a flashlight (a big one, a really, really big one).



TIME: 5:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

The rest is the same as above...


Good luck to you guys on UFB!

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So who is showing up for UFB?

I have afternoon meetings until 4pm and then I'll head out. Hopefully getting there in an hour from Northern NJ won't be a huge problem. It's off 24 off 78 off the GSP south of Newark Airport and if there's no traffic I could do it in 30 mins, so maybe I'll get lucky.


So, count me in unless I get stuck getting there.

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Wow! This is cool to see - I hope you guys enjoy the caches (and aren't too disappointed!).


Nightsweats is a nice short walk that should be good for people of all ages.


UFB is a little longer walk - but still should be doable by almost anyone (provided the river's not in flood stage). Important to bring the cache page as there are clues you'll need from it - as well as specific instructions. Remember - a straight line is not necessarily the shortest way between two points. :)


Good luck - I look forward to reading your logs and will try to swing by....

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What a terrific night!! Got stuck in traffic/thunderstorms/downed trees on the way down, but the Unfinished Business group let me catch up. We completed that one, I ran to CVS for some drinks (and snacks), got to meet the famous StayFloopy, saw some familiar faces, met a bunch of new folks and had a blast!


Long day so I didn't go out for drinks and it seems some stayed out very late or very early depending on how you look at it. Any weird looks when a bunch of muddy and bug spray smelling folks walked in?


What are we all doing next week!! B)



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B) Awesome time! Awesome turnout! (said with an accent! B) )


The Frantic Cachers, TeamDEMP, dhenning25, bldebabe, StayFloopy, Quoddy, Kar of Team Shibby, Batonka, haggaeus, lunaruby and Kathy, SERG312, ergo46 and our Host: HartClimbs!!!


15 Cachers! - Piece of cake, we will be done in 10 minutes, back to the car and off for wings and beer :D - of course it wasn't so easy B) But had a great time sloshing about looking for decoy markers!


Thanks to all of you who turned up! Had a blast! And to Dr Evil HartClimbs for placing the cache.


See you on the trails... B)

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Any weird looks when a bunch of muddy and bug spray smelling folks walked in?


As a matter of fact, I believe the waitress mumbled out loud "why me"...LOL


Last night was a blast! Im paying for it today, but it was very well worth it!

It was great to meet The Frantic Cachers, dhenning, ergo46 and haggaeus as well as seeing Hart, Avroair, Stayfloopy, TeamDEMP, Quoddy, Batonka, bldbabe, Serg312, Lunaruby and Kathy again!! Fun, Fun, Fun!!! LOL :unsure:


Kar of TS!! :o

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A special thanks to everyone for their logs - I really enjoyed getting all the "found it" emails today! Some great logs - I'm only sorry I had to run and missed the clifton pub run.


Look for the "bloody meat bag" cache coming soon! :unsure:

Mmm... Bloody meat bag. You're making me hungry.

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