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Two New Hams...

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After about 6 weeks of teaching, my daughter Heidi and a family friend (Cherry) both passed the element 2 exam this morning. Cherry is 60, Heidi is 17. Both are just Giddy with excitement. Now I got to come up with another HT.


Heidi is a cacher (desert kid), Cherry is being introduced soon. :D

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Mike, that is really AWESOME! Congrats to both of them, please let us know when they get their calls - or are they going with vanity calls?


Heidi, Cherry, welcome to the club!


Mike, didn't you just sell some radios? Hehehe.


Todd - K7PKT

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Heidi is my daughter. She will accept whatever call she gets. She wanted a vanity call. But I explained to her that she would need to retest and move to the Galapagos Is to get the call HE1DI. :D


Cherry will apply for a vanity call, her SK mother-in-law's call W5DPD.


Heidi will start out with a 2m HT, an almost new Alinco DJ-1FT. I also have a spare ICOM IC-251A she can have in her room.


Cherry's OM (KA5CDJ) has plenty of radios for her.


Yes, I have sold 3 of 4 radios so far. Got about a 1K buck in the desk for new radio stuff. Still got 1 ICOM IC-735 with accessories left.


Let's celebrate, I feel like caching! On the air of course!!!

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The FCC is FAST! VERY FAST !!!!!


Heidi is KE5BHT.


Cherry is KE5BHU.


5 days for a license! It took me weeks. It was 3 months before I got my extra ticket in the mail. Of course, I was deployed and in combat, so the mail was just a bit delayed. :P


They will make their first contact together this afternoon. Heidi already has permission, well... not even that. The school is encouraging her to carry her radio in class (off of course) as a back-up communication. Nice to see some level-headed thinking out of a school for once! Heidi has a like-new Alinco DJ-F1T.


Thanks Y-all for the good wishes. I will see they both get to read it. Now, to teash Cherry about Geocaching!

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Took my exam on Sunday morning and I am now officially:


Kilo Charlie Zero Sierra Hotel Zulu


The FCC must be working overtime.


Congrats to your daughter and friend.

And to you also my friend. Good work. Are you going to sit back and see if they upgrade you to General, or have you already started studying? :P

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In a year you might get it for free!


There is talk about. In the interest of streamlining the license system once more, the following is proposed.


Eleminate the Technician class. All tech become Generals. Eliminate the code requirement for general, it is only needed for Extra. Add new class, NOVICE.


Now classes become NOVICE, GENERAL, EXTRA.


The details are still in the works. :)

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