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Worst Cache Weather

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Tried a search and couldn't find a thread.


What bad weather/storm stories can you tell when you were out caching. Did you reach top of a mountian and it started raining or hailing?


I was recently out and did 3 caches but got pelted by 50 mph hour winds with rain. When Jasen and I found the 4th one, we jumped for joy but in doing so the wind about blew me off a 30 foot high boulder into the sea. I had to low crawl off the rock, and all the while its raining at the same time. Eventhough I was shivering cold and my ears were painfully freezing, this probally was my best caching day so far! :D



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I had an hour to kill before a Dr appointment on tuesday, so decided to grab a few nearby geocaches. Winds started to blow, but it was sunny and warm out. While walking through the heavy timber I noticed that quite a few trees had come down in a previous storm. Not thinking much about it I continued on. Branches and groans were coming from overhead as I continued further. As I reached the cache several branches came crashing down nearby. Hmmmm, I better hurry. I signed the log and started to leave. Darn, I forgot to put back the pen. I grabbed the cache and hurriedly put back the pen. I didn't walk more than 10 ft. when a big gust of wind hit and a loud crack and all hell broke loose. I looked up and the top 30-40 ft of a tree came crashing down right where I had been standing at the cache site. I got out of there on a run and didn't stop till I reached the open field above. This storm knocked out the power to 200,000 in my county and my power at home here was out for 3 days. Geocaching can be dangerous!......:D....Let me tell you about the rattlesnakes I've almost stepped on in the past month. That's another story or two.........:D

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Last year a group of us MGS'ers planned a trip from MD to PA and the entire DAY it rained like you suggested though the winds weren't as fierce. For a majority of the day it POURED and even with rain gear you still got soaked. Waiting for 5 people to sign a logbook in a downpour was quite an experience. Eventually by mid-afternoon it stopped raining.


Looking back, even though it was miserable at times, it was still a blast, and I no longer use rain as a deterent to caching. It adds a new level of "excitement" much like night caching. :D

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I guess it would have to be for this cache. The weather wasn't bad when we started. Chance of snow and breezy, but as we got higher on the mountain the wind really picked up. Gusts were easily hurricane force and the trees were bowing over big time. A we were walking, we noticed the ground heaving up and down (that's a veeery odd feeling) and it turned out it was the root systems of the trees making the ground heave as the wind blew the trees. There were a few trees that looked like they were about to go over, so Skigirl43 and I would time our run past them for when the gust subsided. It also started snowing and the snow was falling nearly horizontal. Couldn't see a thing if you were walking into it.


It was a bit scary while we were up there, but we had a blast.


Me with the cache, frozen hands and windburned face


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Nothing so dramatic as being blown off boulders. We were looking on top of a hill in rock pile when a storm came in. As I was getting pelted with sand we decided to call it a real storm and head home. It was as good thing we waked away from the wind. The sand flat out hurt everything that was exposed as it sandblasted us.


The next morning we went back out caching. Trees were blown over, power lines were down, and the entire valley looked like the aftermath of a hurricane. It wasn't as bad as a hurricane but it is the worst storm I've been in. Fortunatly it saved the worst until after I got home.

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I didn't walk more than 10 ft. when a big gust of wind hit and a loud crack and all hell broke loose. I looked up and the top 30-40 ft of a tree came crashing down right where I had been standing at the cache site.

i hope the cache owner raises the difficulty rating.

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When I had just started caching, I decided to go up the mountains to a local state forest to hit a couple caches. Down in the valley where I live, the snow had been melted for a couple days, and it was just a little soggy. We got up to the mountain and the hiking trail was covered in a foot or two of snow...

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Temps in the twenties and subzero windchills. This scene is from one of the more pleasant caches of the day, though. The really unpleasant one was in a park on the edge of the city with no tree cover and wind rushing so fast it would wipe out my footprints in minutes. I had also left my hat and gloves back at the car on that one....really stupid...went back to get them and tried for the cache again..never did find it.



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Blah, blah, rain...... Blah, blah, snow.......



The worst caching weather is hot humid days. What ever it does to the atmosphere it won't let satellite signals through.

The freakiest lock I couldn't get finally showed me in Vietnam. The sky was clear and sunny. The only thing was 100% humidity and 95 degrees. Now I notice that when the weather is hot and humid the satellites are very weak.


I like it when it rains. It's not so hot. The satellites come in strong too.

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