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Annual Nightmare: Renewal

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Last year I renewed using Paypal and was charged twice, which took weeks to resolve. This year I tried to renew using snail mail, mailing 4 weeks before the end of subscription.


Check has not been cashed, my status now has been dropped to basic, my emails (to the 'contact us' address) are unanswered and I sit in limbo.

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I'm sorry I don't know what it means to "one year own it's own".


I've tried everything now.


My check I assume is lost. So, holding my nose I reactivated my PayPal account.

I am told by PayPal I've spent $30, but have not received an Email with an S number.


And still no 'contact us' emails are responded to.


In the mean time, I've seen Jeremy respond to other renewal problems on these boards but nothing here.


What do I have to do get a response?

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