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Anyone Here Going South?

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I've just finished looking at Buxleys Maps and a particular part of the world caught my eye with it's lack of caches.Where could this be?-The Falkland Islands....


Given that geocaching is really growing into a pastime for all,I wonder if any members of HM Forces participate? If they do I wonder if any of them are going to the Falkland Islands and could maybe place a cache there? When I was down there 8 years ago,there were loads of places that would have been suitable for caches (if i had discovered geocaching then that is!).


A cache in the Falklands would surely be one of the hardest to log I reckon....

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Wouldn't the possibiltys of minefields tend to put you off a bit ?

You are totally right that is why you would liase with the military and local authorities, to ensure that you where placing it in a safe place for all people to go to.

Due to the fact there are caches in over 190 countries world wide. I would suspect that some of those countries have minefields in them. With the proper research and permission it shouldn't cause a problem.

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I would have to say that Ascension Island would be harder to log, as less people there. Or even more extreme would be Tristan DaCunha which is a 750 mile boat ride from St Helena, which is 750 miles from Ascension. Tristan is credited as the most remote island in the world!!

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I am off to Pakistan this weekend and so I checked for caches there. Two in the whole country, and neither anywhere near my destination (Lahore). I did wonder about setting one, but there are two problems. One I cannot maintain it after I have left, and I also have been told not to walk about on my own, for safety reasons.

Maybe I'll set a virtual cache while I am there.


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