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Location (lat/Long) question...

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I marked a waypoint on my unti and the location comes up as:


N 43º25.398



On the cache search it is looking for a decimal conversion, is there a tool to do that for me?

Same thing goes for my home co-ords.


If the code above shows instead of the degree symbol, I tried ascii equivilant in HTML icon_smile.gif

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Simply set your Vista to HDDDMM.MMM (It is set this way by default) under the main menu - settings - units section. everyone uses the same format for geocaching and will make it easier to get used to.


I want to die like my grandfather did, peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.

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I have seen co-ordinates posted in two formats around the site.


That would be very unusual to see coordinates listed anywhere on geocaching.com in any format other than ddd mm.mmm. The only place ddd.ddddd are used is on the home page when searching for caches in specific area. But, they are not listed anywhere.


Also, all automatically linked maps from cache pages (MapQuest, MapBlast etc) all take values in ddd.ddddd but again, they are not on this site, they are external sites.


The best thing to do is just to recognize what formats things are an use what ever you want. Geocaching.com makes it very easy for you if you stick to ddd mm.mmm.


As Kerry says, you already carry the best conversion tool, right in your hand.



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