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Visiting Cambridge And London

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I'll be visiting Cambridge from May 21 - 30. The trip is part of a retreat for new university faculty members. It looks like I will have some blocks of time during the day to hang out, visit, and Geocache. In addition, we have a free day Saturday May 29, and I'm planning on making a day trip to London.


If anyone is interested in getting together for caching or maybe hitting a pub, please let me know. Unfortunately, Tracy and Solana are staying home.

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I am not looking for a large number of caches in Cambridge. I am attending a retreat for work (at Valparaiso University Study Center), so my time is limited everyday, but I will have 1-3 hour blocks of time. I am free May 23 all day, so I'm planning on trying to recruit one or two of my faculty fellows to learn the fine Art of Geocaching. :D


Some of my targets:

Baa-Baa Green Sheep

StAG Hunt

Cambridge cam on the Cam I can do this one with Tracy.

Cambridge Blues

The King Street Run I KNOW at least three or four co-workers that will enjoy this one!

My stretch goal: Row row row row... row your boat


And since we are planning on a day trip to London, I want to check out the Hyde Park, Green Park and St. James Park caches.

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probably at the Last Delivery Cache.

Bear in mind that Last Delivery is a small container and usually pretty full.



Is there a better option for dropping travel bugs in London?


Kilotwo, if we can work out a time and place, I'd love to Geocache with someone that knows the city (and the pubs).

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Hope you're not going for huge numbers around Cambridge, we don't have that many! If I'm not working that weekend I'll drop you a line on here & we'll tick some off I'm sure.. :lol:



It may be worth noting here that the UK record for most in a day was apparently set in the cambridge area, (35 by Starticus)

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