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Geocachers In South Africa

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I don't, but have often wondered about the same thing. A lot of cachers seem not to be active anymore, but new ones start regularly. There used to be a great stats site by Dan Miller, a link of which can still be found at Buxley's, but since about 4 months ago, the link seems not to work anymore. This site showed the active cachers per country and ranked them according to caches found and hidden.

Personally, I'd like to see this kind of stats again. I know their are some people against this, because they do not want geocaching to become a competition or some other objection.

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I agree with perdix that geocaching is not a competition but nevertheless user stats would be interesting. I can't get the Dan Miller link to work either. On another topic, I've recently discovered the Degree Confluence Project (www.confluence.org) which I think is very worthwhile and interesting. Lots of confluences to visit still esp in the Northern Cape and along the coast.

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