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Searching For Travel Bugs On Gc.com

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It used to be you could just type in the name of a travel bug and every bug with that name would appear. Now it seems when you search by name you get a list of every bug with ANY part of the name you are looking for in its name or TB page write up! Anyone know a simple way to look up a bug by name? I know there may be more than one TB with the same name, but I'm sure the list will be shorter than what I'm getting.


So, what am I missing here. I must be doing something wrong.

Thanks everybody!

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I see what you mean. Any keyword words are searched in the name, goal, and about this item fields and there are no Boolean search controls.


Not only that, a search on the word 'traveling' also pull entries with the word 'travel'! Try it yourself.


What do you know about the bug? Perhaps it would be easier to search by the gc cache name where the bug was placed or by the owner name.





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Well, what we are trying to determine is if there are any other bugs out there with the name we want to give ours, so a general search for that exact name is really what we need.


Actually, I'm suprised this hasn't come up before. Seems like it would be a rather common problems.


Hey Moderators, any ideas on this??

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It has come up before.


It has been suggested before that it should be an OPTION to search the other fields, in addition to the name. GC has bigger problems to deal with at the moment, so I don't know when, or if, they will fix this.


... so your question remains: is the search function going to be fixed to allow searches within the name field, and allow the option of searching the other fields?

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