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Ontario Cache Race

Keith Watson

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Considering that 220 of Res’s “Finds” are Locationless, I would say he is only at 780 True Finds. With Nozzletime, if I subtract his 51 Locationless “finds” it puts him at 939 Finds. I’ll celebrate the 1000th find when it actually happens.


But, with all that being said…Congratulations to both Res and Nozzletime for an incredible feat. You both truly are great cachers. In fact, let me get this right out of the way right now, to everyone who spends time with their family or alone and outside participating in this great pastime, I salute you, without you there would be no hobby.


Great Job One and All


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Dude, a find is a find. I have had some location-less caches that were harder to find than real ones. Great debates have been had about the merits of “real” caches. To claim location-less as not a real find may be due to the fact you have never found one yet. If you want to belittle some one’s efforts go do it some where else. Let me know when you get to 1000 finds and then you can brag about how you did it.


Res and Noz, great work.

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Considering that 220 of Res’s “Finds” are Locationless, I would say he is only at 780 True Finds. With Nozzletime, if I subtract his 51 Locationless “finds” it puts him at 939 Finds. I’ll celebrate the 1000th find when it actually happens.

;) DirtRunner, do you really find it necessary to try to put a damper on both Nozzletime's and myself's 1000 finds? To try and say that a locatoinless cache is any less of a cache is an insult. All caches count equally accordinging to gc.com, whether they be locationless, traditional, virtuals, multis, and even event caches. On the stats tab of my profile page it says 1000 :) cache finds, not 780 as you may try to suggest. There are good and there are bad of all these types. I have had memorable experiences and enjoyment from each type of caches and also thought that some were lame, whether it be a traditional, virtual or locationless. I see the smile on your face in your profile picture and know from that how much you enjoy geocaching too and I have done all of your excellent caches and have enjoyed each one of them and the challenges you set forth. Hence I was really surprised by your comment.


One of my most rewarding :P and interesting locationless caches that I found was the Stone Silo locationless. I thought it would be an easy one, but it took me over 8 months of searching to find it and when we did it felt really rewarding and the one we found was extra special. We even returned to it a couple months later to see it's progress as it was being transformed into a castle tower by the farmer.


I discovered geocaching by accident, while looking for information on the Bruce Trail on the internet and I thought I would take a chance and buy a GPS and see what it's all about. Once we found our first cache, we were hooked. It's a great way for me and my son to spend time together, we both enjoy it, and even grandma enjoys it too (except when it's -10 outside ;) ). If it wasn't for geocaching we would never have discovered all these wonderful places in Ontario. Up until geocaching, I thought that Niagara Falls was the only waterfall in Ontario. We have also learned so much through geocaching and as we go on we learn more and more. I have met many wonderful geocachers (all of them actually) :) and made many new friends :D. My son and I will continue to geocache and we look forward to our next 1000 finds, although it may take us a little longer, but then again you never know. :D And in the meantime now, we can concentrate on creating and hiding some of the caches that we have planned.


The important thing is that we have fun and enjoy ourselves, which we certainly did getting to this special point of our journey through life. :D

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OK, let’s take this one step at a time…


First, I need everybody to relax. A different voice from the chorus is nothing to be afraid of. Who knows, I might actually have something to say.


OK, everyone cool now? Alright then, let’s begin…


Nozzletime and Res2100, you have more finds right now than I will have in ten years at my present pace, it’s a great achievement. And you should not let anyone take it away from you. As stated in my previous note, you are the ones who get out there and promote the sport. Res, you have 31 HIDES! HIDES! That’s awesome! I can barely take care of my 12 and am facing the very real possibility soon that some will have to be archived for manageability’s sake.


It took me a long time to get to a hundred finds. So I know what it is to strive for a goal and really force yourself not to loose sight of it, the feeling is great when you finally achieve it. You guys both set goals and you went for it. I have nothing but goodness for you both.


I also have nothing but goodness for everyone else, everyone who caches is cool in my eyes, we still have a very young hobby and we are the trailblazer and ambassadors for it. The hobby goes where we take it, looking upon you all I have no fear that we that we might be going in the wrong direction. We are on track.


OK, then what was my crime? Poo-Poo’ing your achievements? If you think that was the case, then stop all that right now.


The only thing I said that, in my opinion, and it’s just mine ( -- and probably a few others) Locationless caches shouldn’t count. They are a cheap and throw away tactic to up your count. Now I know you wanted to be the first to hit 1000 caches in Canada, But Geocaching is not about snapping a picture @ 100 Km\h of a barn. The site even recognizes that now and has halted their promotions on the web site, a grandfather rule keeps the existing ones on the site, but c’mon BOY! Even you must agree that taking pictures while you scream down the highway is not what our sport is about. It’s about getting out there and looking for that stupid container. It’s about the bumps, bruises, blood, sweat and – YES – even tears that we all shed for our passions. And I would have it no other way.


Now, the Geocaching web site says you have a thousand finds….A THOUSAND Finds! I like the way that trips off my tongue….A Thhhhhhooouuuuuussssaaaannnnnd Finds…Must be Nice to be able to state that. My hat if off to you. Both! And if the web site says that, then fine, congratulations.


But for my money, you both are still short of that magic One Thousand finds. But that is only my opinion. And I speak openly for no one else but myself in saying that.


I must stress again that I have nothing but respect for Nozzletime, Res2100 and everyone else in the Geocaching community, just not for the way the tally's were counted.


And anyone one who enjoys the sport of Geocaching, deep down, agrees with me. Even if it is only 1%.


The Geocaching community has my respect and all my good will.



P.S. Don’t call me Dude…

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Hi Keith, my 1000th cache was Nozzletime's Lookout, lookout, lookout cache. I wanted to do an interesting cache that would take some time and this one definately fit that criteria. Amazon Annie was kind enough to accompany me and my son on cache #999 and #1000 that day. You'll find pictures in my log. Now it's time to actually go and hide some more caches, and actually post the 2 that I hid a couple weeks ago, but haven't had time to type them up.

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