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All I Could Say Was Wowie Kazowie!

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The logs for this cache piqued my interest, so I had to see for myself. The owners (it was their first hide) did an incredible job. A treasure chest (literally) filled with the most amazing variety and amount of goodies you could imagine. The cache box was organized in a way I've never seen before with a bag labeled just for TB's and Georges and the logbook in a bag velcroed to the lid...well you just have to see for yourself.


Thanks for a great cache Mr. Map and Night Person! I'd say plant more like this, but I'm sure you have mortgage payments to make.

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That was the best stocked cache I had ever seen. Actually it is the BIGGEST cache I have ever seen. I liked this cache so much I made my team mate come back and see it! I talked about it to one cacher friend so much she said "Is that all you talk about, is geocaching?" I said YUP! and as soon as you get back from Florida were going to go see it! LOL :)


Kar of TS!!

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I just emailed the owner and I'll say it again here: the owner needs to place a micro here instead. one could easily be hidden within 4-5 feet and not need new coordinates. Then they need to take this cache and find a secluded and faqr off spot in the ramapo reservation and hide it there. this cache is way too special and way too well stocked to risk being muggled by skateboarders.


An amazing effort for a newbie in terms of the container, concealment and contents, but definately a newbie when it comes to placement. (thats a major compliment with a minor --- I hate to even say complaint, we'll just call it a concern)

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