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Wharton State Forest, Nj


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I'm wondering if some local geocachers can help me out with this question. I'm heading down that way from CT to do research on several lakes and ponds in the general vicinity of the Wharton State Forest and am trying to find a place to stay with three other researchers and four undergraduate students.


It turns out that the WSF has some cabins right on Atsion Lake that actually sound pretty ideal:


Cabins: Six furnished cabins with screened porch, fireplace, refrigerator, hot and cold running water; bathroom with toilet and shower; 2 bunks. Accommodates 4 people. Two cabins are designed for people with disabilities and each accommodates 6 people. One cabin accommodates 8 people. Cabins are located on Atsion Lake. Open April 1 through October 31.


What I'm wondering is whether any of you have any additional information about these cabins so I can decide if they are going to be appropriate for our group. They do have electricity. There are no pictures on the DEP Parks website to give me a better idea. Basically, we'll be working 14 hour days, and although I certainly don't mind roughing it (in fact, I'd prefer it), a little bit of comfort in the evening will certainly be appreciated.


Many thanks for any info you can give me. Of course, the next thing I need to do is start planning on a few caches in the area to keep me busy on whatever time off I do have! :unsure:



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The Atsion Ranger Station is less that 1000ft from the cabins and that is the best place to ask your questions. 1 (609) 561-0024 (Wharton SF main#)

The cabins are nice, but they are right on the road, so if you were trying to get a remote location, they would not be ideal.


As for caches, you will have plenty to keep you busy there. (they've kept me busy for 2 years :unsure: )



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If you want to forego the comforts of the cabins there is a camping area near the Carranaza (?) monument. And a couple of caches very near. That camparea is also close to one of the lakes in the forest and is on the Batona Trail.


Please post some feedback on the forest, the caching and the trails. I plan on going back to that area and am interested in knowing more.

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