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Locationless Caches

The Daniel Boone Gang

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I've pretty much avoided doing many LC's. I started doing them, but I found that (IMO) many of 'em were not all that innovative (like take a pic of your GPSr with a <insert object here>).


However, one of the most challenging finds I've ever had (traditional or locationless) was A Pair of Quintuplets (Multi-Location Virtual).


So, to each, their own. I don't personally anticipate doing many other Locationless caches. But, I understand it when I read about other people enjoying doing them. Like I said - that Quintuplets cache was quite challenging to locatate. It added a new dimension to caching. There's nothing like standing in the middle of a street trying desperately to get your digital camera to focus on the numbers in your GPSr at 11:30pm. Not to mention the difficulty in locating a site not on private property. Anyway - as far as locationless caches go - I recommend that one.


That's my $0.02 - that and another $1.37 will get you a cup of coffee.

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