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Just had to post a message just to mark a milestone. My 100th find. I know that may seem rather insignificant to some of you with hundreds, as well as to the others of you to whom numbers don't matter (truth be told, they don't matter THAT much to me either, they're more of a self-motivational tool), but, darn it, I am tickled to have broken into the ranks of those with 100 or more under their belt. Thanks for listening!

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CONGRATULATIONS!! That 100 mark is really special! Guess it shows that you're really dedicated and not just a drop-out after a few finds.


If it encourages you at all - it seems like our first 100 took so long to find but the next 100 went really fast! Seems like we were at 200 before we knew it!


We've also tried to do "special" caches for the century marks. Just a couple of weeks ago we did "Hawksbill Crag" for our 300th.


May there be MANY more caches for you - and all of us! :D

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Congrats on 100. I was happy to break 50 in a year. Where I live only 68 caches could be found within 100miles when I started. I have since added 21 to the area and hope to break 100 by the end of this year. I am looking forward to the big 100. Again Congrats.

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i got all antsy when i was coming up to 1, 10, 20, 50, and 100. congratulations to you. my friend crashco says it isn't about how many you've found, or how many more than someone else you've found. it's about finding one more than you had yesterday. i think he's right.


so i'll wish you good health and good luck and hundreds more caches.

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Just an update...we found our 100th today! We decided we should make it a cool multi-cache where we had to go to various parks in the South Bay area to figure out the coordinates. I wanted to get to the century mark before my first anniversary of joining so in April alone, I think we found about 70+. Will probably slow down a little now but we'll see. :D

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