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How many items in a cache?

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it all depends. the size of the container and the size of the trade items both effect the number of starting items. (there are more but those two seem to the "big" ones)

if you have a small cache there can only be a few items, or if its a micro they may be NO* items. or if the caches is started with big/fluffy (say stuffed animals) items the cache will only be able to hold a few of them.


when i place a cache i usally try to start the cache stuffed full, but this can cause problems for the first couple finders. if they bring a large* (or larger item than what they take) how will they get everything back in the cache?? icon_eek.gif

but if you fill it only 4/5ths full then it may not be a problem, or at least not right away(a series of finders could all trade out small items and in big ones).



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The more items you can fit in the better, up to about 3/4 full, a bigger choice for the finder means that you will have more chance of "rewarding" someone who finds the cache with something they'll find useful, and leaving enough space in case their gift is slightly bigger. Listing contents and/or up-loading a photo of same can entice some people to it, though most do it for the fun of the find and not the contents of the cache



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I usually try to fit in as many items as I can. It gives me some time before I have to go back and re-seed the cache. It all depends on the size of the container and the size of the items, but I'd guess I average between 10 & 12 trade items per cache.


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