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Photos Of Witness Posts And Markers

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I updated my web page which has photos of Witness Posts and Survey Markers.



I originally created this, because there was lots of talk about witness posts, but never any photos. With the generous contributions of others, this page has grown large.


Today, I added a limestone block, disk in a chiseled cross, 2 cairns, and more.



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Thank you Dusty.


I appreciate this site. I especially like seeing the RIVET which I claimed to have found at KV1366 while on a business trip to NJ. I didn't have a camera to document it but am now happy to know that I really did see one. Please keep up this site !

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OK everyone.

I just did a rough reorganization.


Now there are separate pages for:

- Explanations

- Witness Posts

- Older (Ancient?) Markers

- Disks from agencies on the "federal" level

- Private or Local Government Markers

- Non-disk or Unusual Markers (This is where I put the "current" rod-type of marker, although it is not unusual.


Sometime in the future, I will change the format of the pages, but not right now.

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My first witness post




Hope this works..... B)

Did you find the nearby marker ?

Yes we did.......and this one was out in the freakin middle of nowhere...14 miles to the nearest blacktop !


It seems only a few benchmarks might have been found here, so we should have fun !

Edited by woof n lulu

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Well, I finally got off my rear end, and updated the pages with all the cotributions since May.


I added a page for Markers outside the USA (the UK for now, but I hope to receive photos from other countries.)


We now have an intact Cairn, and many more.


Plust, there are links to two pages of drawings of various disks - images created by the NGS.Thank you for all those who donated. The pages are looking better these days, and will hopefully help those wondering what these things look like.

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Just jut put up a few more, from:

France, Scotland, and England (including from the Greenwich Observatory)


On the last two, you get to hunt for the marks in their natural settings. It took me a few moments to find them.


Thanks to Jeremy (probably not Jeremy Irish)


I like these different markers that aren't the standard disk shape.

Edited by DustyJacket

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Me too,I always thought I was a legend in my own mind.


Thanks for accepting and posting my photo's as well.

I need to get back out there and find something different now.

Been a little busy,distracted,tired,and just plain,out of gas in more ways than one.

But have some in the works if I can just get there.

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I found an interesting survey mark on one of my geocaching trips today, but according to the NGS database there are no benchmarks within a mile of this. It is a red disk with a PK rod driven in, and the disk reads "TRAV. PT. LB 7001"


Any ideas?


Coords were N28°05.776' W081°49.343'



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I found a Brase disk that looks very similar to NGS in size. It was drilled and inserted into granite slab. Slab was part of a small bridge in Acadia NAtional Park

garden. Asked park ranger they did not have a clue. The only marks on the disk were the rasied letters BM. Does anyone know if this could be a BM. I have a picture but im new to this a cannot see any way to download it from here into the postings. Im going to post this on the board also but this looked to be the best thread.

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The only marks on the disk were the rasied letters BM. Does anyone know if this could be a BM.

I'd say it's a BM, but there's a good chance it's not one in the NGS database and therefor not in the Geocaching database.


For details go to http://www.geocaching.com/mark/ and scroll down to "I found a benchmark, but it isn't in your database. Why?"

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