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New Cacher In The Burlington On Area


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Heya folks.

My wife heard about geocaching awhile back from an Australian friend, we thought it sounded nifty. Well, earlier this week, my wife surprised me with a little yellow Garmin etrex gps! Yay me!

A check on our postal code shows over 1000 caches within a short drive's reach, so my question is: who else is in the area? Considering we're new to this whole hobby, it'd be neat to chat with some locals.

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Hey there! Welcome to geocaching and welcome to Burlington! My wife Lisa and I do live in Burlington, and it's a fantastic area for geocaching - lots of great trails nearby and a very active 'community'. If you are free next Saturday, you might want to check out the big event - 'Gnashers 02 - Tour of Cave Springs'. This would be a great opportunity to meet a lot of geocachers all at once, and learn a lot about the hobby (obsession for many) quickly.


On another note, Lisa and I both travelled fairly extensively in Austrialia (me for 6 months in 1994, her for 1 year in 1997)!


Hopefully we'll have the chance to chat soon!


Kevin and Lisa - Purple Fever.

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Well G'Day, gdaybloke!


Welcome to geocaching!


If you want to meet some fellow area geocachers TODAY, head over to Kitchener for one of our monthly restaurant/pub nights.


Just plug the coordinates into your new yellow ETrex, and we'll see you there! There are lots of easy caches in the area to get you started.


Check The Next One - An April Event for all the details.



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Purple Fever??? Dang you and your Down by the Bay! My first geocaching expedition is supposed to be a success!!! (*rofl*) Aptly named, but no luck finding the bloody thing...


Next weekend's a no-go, I'm afraid. I'd love to hang with, but Gdaysheila's going scrapbooking for the day, so I'm stuck at home with Gdaygirl (see her photo in my gallery), and no car. Much poodoo.


As for Australia, gotta love it. I spent the first 26 years of my life there, after all (*grins*) Immigrated for love. What can I say.


Trimbles, thanks for taking the time to email me as well as posting! Sorry I wasn't able to get up there, but I hope you had a wonderful time!

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Very cool, Canadian&Kiwi! Am I to take it you're a Canadian and New Zealander caching team?

Yet another geocaching page added to my bookmarks (*chuckles*)

Most wednesday nights I run a heroclix tournament at the local comic store, but I'm usually home by 9:30 at the latest, so mayhap I'll be able to chat with you then!

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Well, as you've noticed, there are some very active cachers in the Burlington area, but our "local community", as Kevin referred to it, basically includes the entire Golden Horseshoe area. Welcome aboard and congratulations on your first cache. As I advised you before, Down By The Bay is a sneaky little cache and not the best for a first attempt, but I'm confident you will find it next time. :)


In keeping with the obvious Australian theme, I was in Melbourne last year, visiting my brother, as well as a friend of my girlfriend, with the same name as you. :unsure:

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Welcome to my obsession! (isn't that a song? Or maybe it's "my nightmare"... and I've had a few geocaching nightmares in my day).


I'm just north of you, up the escarpment. There is a fabulous group of cachers in this neck of the woods so you've picked a great place to start. Lots of active caches (and more every day) - a few easy ones in Burlington to get you started and then you can head up the hill to those 3 and 4 star terrain ones that will have you puffing and huffing and cursing and... oh ... the nightmares! Make them stop!! :)


The 'get togethers' are a great way to pick up tips and tricks and find a few people to go out on the trails with (who will show you which way to hold the gps and other archane things!)


Hope to see you on the trails. I'm the one wandering around in circles trying to figure my way back to the truck.

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Very cool, Canadian&Kiwi! Am I to take it you're a Canadian and New Zealander caching team?

Yes I immigrated here for love as well. What can I say??

I am the New Zealander and Canadian is my daughter.


but I'm usually home by 9:30 at the latest, so mayhap I'll be able to chat with you then!

Drop by the chat page when you get home. We have been known to chat until the wee small hours!

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Welcome to geocaching !


Please make sure to stop by the lobby and purchase your supplies of necessities prior to embarking on this XXXXXXX (Select appropriate title HOBBY, LOVE, PASSION, OBSESSION, NIGHTMARE, INSANITY, ETC)


In Order to be sucessful make sure to stock up with large supplies of Courage, Drive, Determination, Insect Repellent, waterproof socks, rain jacket, sunblocker, Rub A535, first aid kit (with extra bandages for thorn bushes), tomato juice (yes I have run into a skunk while caching), Good hiking shoes, Laundry detergent (for the apres cache) Did I mention insect repellent???? A good health insurance plan may also be advisable (in my case I am also investing in medical supply companies for Ail!)


In all seriousness, you will probably never find a hobby that is so much fun to participate in, and that feels so rewarding. The group of people that you will meet caching are probably some of the greatest bunch that anyone could ever hope to meet in any sport. I can tell you from experience that the group that have replied previously are some of the highest in that group!


So once again Welcome to Geocaching and hope to run into you somewhere down the line.


Happy Caching! :)



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