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Shunra Does The Impossible!

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There has been some discussion lately in these forums as to what constitutes a sublime cache.

I'm thinking that it qualifies, when the cacher has pushed themselves beyond their perceived ability~either physically, emotionally, or intellectually. What's more sublime, than discovering new worlds, new strengths within? New horizons outside?

Doesn't this qualify? To walk as far as one can, then walk farther. To step into a river, clinging to a piece of driftwoood, not sure, but stepping in nonetheless. Testing the unknown.

I have recently felt a bit bored with 'just another tupperware container thrown under the nearest bush'. I'm an out-of-shape middle aged woman, but please, challenge me. Inspire me to do more, be more!

I congratulate both Eraseek and Shunra for achieving this goal!

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:o Holy schamoly! I was amazed, impressed, and absolutely certain that it would have to get a LOT colder (a -L-O-T- colder) before these lizards would be brave enough and coordinated enough to get our tails into the gear, the shape, and the mindset to be able to attempt this.


We bow before you in reverence and humility. Way to cache!

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Thank you all!


I was pretty pleased when I found a way to cross that river. After all, I had already given up Ozymandias as too dangerous from where I was, but when I managed to get to World at Low Tide, and figured that from there the passage across the river would be possible, I certainly wanted to give it a try.


When I wrote my log, I had in mind the possibility that someone less prepared would attempt to try the same, and I therefore stressed the dangers, and added some suggestions for improvement (stack of dry clothes at trail end, a flare for the event of an emergency). I wanted to point out that this hike was not lacking of danger, but a determined and well-prepared person can do it, without being reckless. It's not irresponsibility, but responsibility, that makes me dwell on the dangerous aspects of this hike.


I think bumblingbs says it right when she mentions the greater challenge that goes with these caches. I enjoy challenges of all sorts, including micros and puzzles, and I'm not picky, but what *really* gets me going is a good hike, in which I test my limits. This was one of them, This was another, and there are more.


TL, I don't think I'm in need of a straightjacket, but if you hide one well enough, I may try to come and get it. :o

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