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Mopar Hits 500!

Geo Ho

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Thanks everyone! I understand 500 means I'm finally not a newbie! Looking forward to the next 500.


It's nice to see you've caught up on your logs.

I wasn't, hehehe. All caught up now though!

Congratulations Mopar! I don't know how you find the time to find all those caches AND have time to be NJ Admin too. 

Oh that's the easy part. I'm only NJ Admin on the weekends. Since the site's always bogged down on weekends, I can grab a quick cache while waiting for a page to load. Then Briansnat becomes NJ Admin for Monday and Tues, HartClimbs gets to be NJ Admin Weds and Thurs, then Harrald get's Friday (Harrald get's grumpy if he has to do it 2 days a week). Stayfloopy is NJ Inspector. He doesn't deal with the admin stuff, he just goes out and checks on each and every cache placed.

Congrats, but I'm guessing you already celebrated, at the event 

Heck yea, I *THINK* we went thru something like 150 wings, and they did have to tap a new keg by 9pm.

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Good job Chris. Treat yourself to a pork-roll, egg and cheese! :unsure:


I always enjoy your logs, and thanks for be both the voice of reason and devil's advocate in the forums.


Next time your down here, I got the White Castles.

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The title of this post had me going for a spell. I had originaly thought Geo Ho was refering to the baseball like term where as you hit 1/2 (.500) of the balls pitched to you while you're on the plate. Then thinking further (which is really tough for me to do) I was able to deduce that she was talking about his ability to actualy hit the toilet when taking a leak after too many hot wings and beer, and she was simply stoked about not having to clean up after him as much.


Well I finally read the posts following this topic and found I was wrong, not even in the ballpark, which is a shame because I can picture GH dashing around with her mop and bucket.


Congrats on the 600 cache finds and the 500 logs.



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