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Is There Something I Should Know About?

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I could have sworn I posted to the thread about moving caches, but as I go back and look it's not there. I mentioned a site that allows moving caches, is that the problem? Or was there some sort of brain fart on my part?


You know, it would be nice to PM me and let me know that was a no-no. Not just make it go away.

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You mean this thread?:

That would be the one!


I was only mentioning this other site did allow moving caches and disclosed that while I didn't have an interest in the site itself I had accessories available that went along with it. I don't know if it's the other site or the "advertising."

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The one nice thing about the traveler site is that they allow a certain number of free ones (if memory serves, 6). You are correct in that they will alow a geocache to travel, it just won't be listed here. They seem a little easier for finders to update the location than geolutins in France, but they aren't here and their numbers don't get tracked.

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