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Aviation Database In Lostoutdoors

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Well, the title about sums it up. For something I was doing for www.Angelflight.org (free medical flights), I ended up adding airports, navaids, reporting points, and intersections to www.lostoutdoors.com.


On the New Map page, you can now scroll down below the GNIS database search and place names in the FAA search line instead. You can use identifiers, like L52, KSEZ, etc. or city names (ex. La Verne). The original fix database work was done by www.navaid.com. I pulled the data from there, so if you find it especially useful, check out the donation page there.


For those of you who are pilots, you can also search on intersection names, although I can't think of a good reason to search for, say SAUGS... :-)




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