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ex: hiding a cache with only military items, or hiking items, or game/toy items or maybe a christian theme with only christian items???? and to take you would have to replace within the same theme??

I"ve thought about making a Hot Wheels only cache, but I know that it's already been done. My travel bug cache doesn't seem to attract much attention until I restock it and then someone swoops down and takes three out of the four bugs that I placed in it, so I'm not sure theming is necessarily the way to go.

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Lots of theme caches. For the most part I like them. The cache contents are of a slightly higher quality since it has to meet a theme. Here are a few from my neck of the woods (South East Florida):


Take a kid fishing


The Zen of People who Love Feng Shui too much


Happy Holiday Cache




Toys, Toys, Toys




Here's one in Orlando. Orlando is FULL of theme. Lots of Disney Theme'd caches!


Celebrate Disney II

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I am working on a Chile Peppercache. Have everything together, but have to find THE place to hide it. We live in the middle of chile country, and have two chile processing plants right down the road from us. The chiles processed at these plants are used for food dyes, lipstick, etc. But still the smell of roasting chiles can drive you to overdose on chile rellanos (stuffed chile pods) for those who don't know. :mad:

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I have a NASCAR-themed cache, How Bad Have You Got It?. It hasn't received much action yet (it's way out in the middle of nowhere), but now that spring has sprung I expect business to pick up.


I have another devoted to more mundane things: Promotional Items Trading Post


I've come across several other caches dedicated to Disney items, money, beanie babies, signature items, and so forth. I've also seen a couple of music and movie trading posts, where you exchange CDs, DVDs, or VHS tapes.

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I like the idea of theme caches.


I did think that possibly people who had no interest in that theme wouldn't visit it, but, having said that, if I noticed a themed cache in the area I'd targeted for a days caching, I'd go and get something that was 'in theme' to put in the cache. Either that or TNLN.

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I have several themed caches. Here's the sort of info I include in such cache listings.


This cache's name comes from the fact that it started out life stocked with things that are used to contain other things -- boxes, pouches, bowls, etc. Feel free to trade whatever sort of items you like. I'll reload a few theme items whenever I do maintenance on the cache. Signature items and travel bugs are always welcome, of course!


I honestly don't care if people stick with the theme or not on my themed caches.

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I've visited a number of themed caches:


Green Items

Blue Items


Kitchen items




It's sometimes a challange to find appropriate items in my swag bag to trade. I find it interesting to see what others have left to try to keep with the theme.

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I have a Signature item cache, which I placed with Ttepee and Cloudchaser. It works well, but not everyone has a signature item. Checked on it the other day and it's full.


I like the map theme idea. When my dad passed away I got the box of maps my parents had collected from all over, including other countries. I might find it hard to part with those, though. Some are nearly antiques now. I got the box of sheet music too. Hmmmm. That might make a note-worthy cache!

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What about an unmatched sock cache?

Everyone brings the extra socks that the dryer didn't eat and if you find a matched pair you get to keep them.


I like that idea. I think that just might have to be my new signature item...ummm...maybe not. I don't know if people would appreciate finding my old hole filled socks.


Anyway, I was once told by a fellow geocacher that they came across a gold themed cache where everything was gold colored. He said it was pretty fun. I think it was somewhere in California.

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