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Spring Has Sprung In The Far North

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The snow is about gone, the temps are in the mid to high 40's, and the kids and I are itching to get back out there.




Was going to try some winter caching, but I have developed arthritis in my ankle and spend most of the winter hobbling around like my grandmother.


Time to scratch that itch!

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I'm SO glad I live in Southern Calif. It's been spring here all winter. In fact, judging from your post, our winter high's are higher than your spring high's.

I wouldn't know how to act if I lived where it snowed. I would hibernate til spring thaw. :mad:

Yeah, yeah, I know...we don't have seasons here and we do have earthquakes. But at least I've never had to dig my car out of a snow drift.


I'm glad that spring has sprung for you. Happy caching! B)

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I hear you. I was going to do a bunch of winter caching but after a game of raquetball with my son I ended up having knee surgery instead. :mad: The doctor says I am good to go, however, so as soon as it stops raining (Utah being in the 5th or 6th year of a drought it shouldn't take long.) I'm going to go out and find some more caches. Actually I did get out last week but only for one or two. Time to plan a big caching Saturday with my brother and our sons. (Our daughters and wives are always invited they just have no interest. Didn't want anyone to think we were sexist or anything B) )

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snow finally has cleared up here (upstate new york) beginning a couple weeks ago, there was tons and tons of snow until I bought new snow shoes beginning of feb -- which made the snow melt as fast as can be :mad:


anyways.... the sign of dirt sure made me want to get out and cache some more. it's dodgy to cache out this way in the snowy months.

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What the heck is that???!!! :mad:  B)

It's a buzzard (vulture)....they eat dead thingys... B)

I thought that's what it looked like, but I wasn't at all sure.

They live where YOU live? We have birds like sparrows and scrub jays and mourning doves. Crows and pigeons too. Oh, and wild parrots. Sometimes seagulls if there's a storm over the ocean.


But vultures...wow.

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