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Meridian Sd Format And Quakemap

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If by sd file you mean a waypoint file that a Magellan GPSr can read, yes: GPSBabel will tranlate between magellan format and gpx.


GPSBabel would not open Quakemap for you, but you could probably write a batch file that would tranlate the file and then open it in the program of your choice.

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GPSBABEL writes a gpx file that quakemap can't read. I dont know why.

Send a copy of that GPX file to the folks at quakemap.


It's likely that quakemap is expecting some data to be in the GPX that quite simply doesn't exist in the magellan SD format.

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please email the offending file to support@quakemap.com (as attachment) - I will try my best to troubleshoot it. Keep in mind that GPSBabel GUI front-end doesn't put -r switch in command line, so routes are not converted. Use DOS prompt to use GPSBabel fully.


Happy trails

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