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Foot Pain

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OUCH! My feet hurt from just reading this thread.


Seriously, there is a lot of information here, and although I SHOULD know better, sometimes I put off getting new hiking shoes sometimes.


After reading this thread, I think I am going to go out tommorow and get a good new pair, as now summer is coming and all I have are really good hiking boots.


This being said, what do you people recommend for a DECENT pair of sandals that are worth buying and putting my feet on??


I have not ever had any problems with my feet, and after reading this, I sure want to do everything I can to avoid problems.



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I have not ever had any problems with my feet, and after reading this, I sure want to do everything I can to avoid problems.


Understatement of my life. Too late for me, though. Now I gotta fix it. Take care of them things - without 'em, you ain't gots a leg to stand on...


*Thank you, thank you. My name is New England n00b, and I'll be here all week. Try the veal!*

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... what do you people recommend for a DECENT pair of sandals that are worth buying and putting my feet on??


I have not ever had any problems with my feet, and after reading this, I sure want to do everything I can to avoid problems.



See my previous comment for my recommendation on a pair of sandals, don't let the reasonable price fool you - they are extremely comfortable, and I've had just one pair that has been getting me around for a few years. I won't claim these to be "hiking sandals" that have seen a recent thread topic here already... that just defies the logic of having specific footwear for hiking. These will definitely be comfortable walking sandals, if you are in a seriously rocky area or plan on multi-mile treks, you might not want sandals for that.


My Reef Squishies have served me well, and since the only caching I've done so far is a few easy ones here in Florida, the walking has been pretty easy. The worst I've had to deal with is sand in the sandals, but that just comes with the territory, and if it's soft sand, just take 'em off & go barefoot. These don't have anything between the toes, and have a simple strap across the back - bonus, the back strrap can be removed (though I've never done it.) The Squishy soles will quickly conform to the contours of your feet, all this time and mine still have plenty of "squish" to them, not all hard & compressed like you might expect.


With my "deformed" heels these sandals have been a lifesaver, if I could wear them to work everyday I would. It even hurts to drive a car without cruise control just because of the pressure that I must place on my right heel, and it's the worse of the two. Get a comfortable pair of sandals and you will wonder why you never wore them before!

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I've had Plantar Faciitis in my left foot since January, although it seems to be getting better now and the pain isn't nearly as bad as it used to be.


The plantar fascia is the thick ligamentous band in the bottom of the foot which is attached to the heel and runs forward to insert into the ball of the foot. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of this band at its attachment to the heel.


Fortunately, it doesn't hurt whilst walking as the muscle gets warm and stretches. It only hurts first thing in the morning (after a long period of rest) and after exercise, when the muscle cools down and contracts again.


Sbukosky - I hope your physio treatment works for you and that you are able to to enjoy your 5-mile hikes again soon.

Whoa... that sounds EXACTLY like one of my current probems!! I've been complaining that it feels like "my arches are falling" because my right foot hurts like that!

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upinyachit, I don't think you understand the concept of geocides - it isn't supposed to be PHYSICAL! Yeesh, what happened?


The Colorado administrator head butted me with his purple pony. LOL


To answer the question though, I was at work and fell onto some trusses. During my time off work I found some great caches though :D

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Everyone reading this thread needs to visit www.heelspurs.com ASAP. That website and my podiatrist have made my feet just about painfree. I had the majority of the symptoms which I've seen listed here. The site was referred to me by my podiatrist. It was created by a gentleman who was yanked arounnd by the system/medical community enough, that he had to do something about the fate of feet!


Really check it out. It's free, and a GREAT souorce of info. All kinds of links to exercises and things that can prevent morning pain, how to tape your feet. which orthotics to avoid (Like good feet stores). What are good sneaker brands for spurs/ PF (New Balance!) There are also forums where you can get a lot of info and referral info from like minded patients.


I'm an RN with plantar fasciitis in both feet, who's walking well due to that site (and my inserts!).



Brian :o

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All kinds of links to exercises and things that can prevent morning pain, how to tape your feet. which orthotics to avoid (Like good feet stores).

Ok, PocketPCGuy, I give up. :o I checked out that site and I can't find where it mentions Good Feet orthotics. I read some articles and the forums, but it would take me a month to read through it all. Could you point me toward the info about Good Feet? I have one very near me and I was going to stop in there after my foot heals more from the surgery I had.

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Amongst other foot problems, I got plantar facitis in my 50's so bad that some mornings I would crawl from the bed to the bathroom. I tried the podiatrist route with the $200 custom orthotics -- they helped but wore out. So I went for the REI $25 plastic-base orthotics, and they worked just as well.


But here is the great news. When you get older and don't use your feet as much, the plantar facitis becomes a bad memory in your rear-view mirror. I'm now in my early 60's and have not had any symptoms for several years. I have also read that this is normal.

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I have plantar ficitis in my right foot. Tried New Balance sneakers and they made it hurt worse. Believe it or not the Land's End all weather mocs at $29 made all the pain go away. I rarely have problems with that foot anymore unless I'm on my feet a lot and not wearing those shoes. I plan to try LL Bean's version of Birkies sandles for the summer. Hope they work because the all weather mocs are too hot for summer in TN.

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I work in physical therapy, and my specialty is foot/ankle problems. The best shoe/sandal/treatment is the one designed for YOUR foot. Find a good shoestore, spend an hour or two with them, and make sure you take back anything that doesn't work.


My favorite brands are Brooks, Birkenstocks, Asolo, and Tecnica for shoes and boots; Chacos for sandals (Birkis, too); and Superfeet and 10-Seconds for insoles. However, they are useless unless your feet like them!


Any cachers in the Lansing MI area: Playmakers is an awesome store, and they have free clinics on foot pain every Wednesday. PT is available from a fellow cacher at Sparrow's M.A.C. clinic. (send me a pm)

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In case anyone is interested, I had surgery on one heel on May 19th. The achilles tendon was cut off of the heel and shortened. The heel bone was shaved back to solid bone and the tendon was reattached using a gadget similar to a wall anchor. Two months in a cast and another few weeks in a Cam-walker. The worst part of it all is the confinement of the cast.


I'm still having physical therapy each week but have good range of motion and have done a few caches and have walked a mile at a time. Today I climbed a somewhat steep kame to get to a cache and felt pretty good about it. I have good days and bad days. Last Sunday I had the worst pain since the surgery. Now a few days later, very little pain, but I do ice the heel after a workout.


Some say it is a year before you recover completely. I see light at the end of the tunnel. My other heel should have the same surgery, but I've been making an effort to prevent that. Namely, loose some weight.


The message that I want to get out is if you are experiencing foot or heel pain after a day or weekend of hiking or geocaching. See your podiatrist. If surgery is needed, recovery will go better if the problem is taken care of sooner rather than later.

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