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Why Only Benchmarks?

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This site describes itself as "The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site"

It's not the "Global Survey Marker Hunt Site". Benchmarks are a bonus. :D


It took a lot of time and effort by volunteers to set up the benchmark section and for that we are fortunate. Perhaps you should begin a coordinated effort to establish a Trig listing for the UK. I'm sure that it would be appreciated by those across the pond.

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Why does crossposting make you mad?

I'm sorry for continuing this thread, but I feel I owe you an answer.

1) The forum guidelines are against crossposting

Duplicate messages will be deleted or consolidated by our moderators. Please do your best to post new topics to the appropriate forum board, moderators will move topics that are posted inappropriately.

2) It means that those people trying to follow the topic need to follow two threads. This can get a bit confusing.


3) It means that someone oftens spends the time crafting an answer for a question that someone else just answered in the other thread. That tends to annoy people.


4) Once allowed, it becomes an epidemic, with duplicate posts in every imaginable forum. The result is usually a horror show followed by a mass exodus of your best members (ie, those that spend their time helping other people).

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Please do your best to post new topics to the appropriate forum board

They were both appropriate. Whatever. ;-)

The post may seem to be relevant to benchmarking - but the topic is more relevant to the "Geocaching.com" forum - as this forum is about the website as a whole. It's moderated by the people who build the website and read by people who like to suggest things and keep up on development.


It is unnecessary to post the same thing twice in seperate places.


I think you ignored all of the rest of bons' points - they are all very valid.


Multiple posts can be very confusing and/or annoying.



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I wish I had never asked now. ;-)

Why? If you hadn't asked you wouldn't have gotten an answer.


You got your answer - the other comments should be ignored. Public forums/bulliten boards are fulla "junk" so just pick out the useful info.


(That includes ignoring mine if it was unnecessary or not applicable :mad: )



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Benchmarking has, sadly, been a secondary "red headed stepchild" lately. We're trying to get back to focus on that section. In the meantime it continues to exist on Geocaching.com but is not geocaching, per se. Many benchmarkers don't even geocache.

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