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Light Of Meridian

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On my meridian basic model the key lights work but the backlight for the screen does not work. It was this way when I bought it used. Is it fixable? It is not that big of deal but I do sometimes use it in my car at night. I have it in a mount and plugged in the the lighter I use velcro to hook the mount to the top of the dash, that way I can move the whole set up to other cars or even boats. This works great during the day, but without a light it doesn't help at night. Any ideas?

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It is not user fixable, your going to have to call Magellan and get a RA number. When I sent my meridian into them I recieved it shortly after they recieved it (it is possible to get it the same week you send it, but figure 2-3 days to get to SD once Magellan mails it-they provide a tracking number if you give your email).


Another thing you can do is ask magellan to send you a unit before you send in yours. I know they did it once for me, and they might do it for you since it was like that when you bought it.


Wyatt W.

Uh yeah, it is not really worth emailing them. Your better off calling their toll free number.

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It is not user fixable.

Everything is fixible. Just sometimes it isn't worth doing it. (if you have waranty never try to fix it yourself. the same advice if you don't know what is tester used for :(


first it maybe have something to do with software (reinstall firmware)


then it maybe problems with LED's or connections

( backlight on screen is usualy done by few LED's (0805 or 1206))


if not.. then you have a problem :D

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