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Been Caught Peeing!


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All this peepee talk makes me wanna go right now.


Im new to this caching thing, but I am an old pro at peeing outside. B)


getting caught dont bother me at all. I only worry if the catcher wants to watch B):DB)

getting caught dont bother me at all.


Yes, I am the same way. When someone catches me up close when i am "relieving" myself, I just turn towards them and say, "Hi." :huh:B):D

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I've been lucky enough to never have been caught in the woods, but I Have run up upon several people. My favorite one was the time I was searching for a cache in a brush-dense area near a boat ramp. Some guy walks into the woods and relieves himself 30 feet from where I am searching (I never figured out if he saw me or not, or if he just didn't care. <_< ) Even worse, I found out a few minutes later that he had watered the plants within four feet of the cache- at least the cache itself had been spared...

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Geocaching+female+pea-size bladder=a lot of down-time! :D


My boyfriend is constantly complaining that I have to go every 5 minutes while out on the trail of a cache. I'm like a dog, I think, because whenever we start getting close to the cache, I guess my nerves act up and I have to pee. It never fails. We have started carrying that biodegradeable (spelling?) environmentally friendly TP and making sure to get rid of any used pieces far far from the trail and caches!

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Have a friend that was stuck in traffic in the Baltimore harbor tunnel for an extended length of time and was under a lot of pressure. She emptied her purse and refilled it. Stuffed it into the trash can at the next rest stop. We often wondered about the reaction of the guy who though he had made a real find while dumping the trash can...

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I've copped a squat several times. Never been caught. I'm REALLY careful to check for signs of life nearby. I CAN do it standing up (yep, I've mastered the art...LOL), but haven't done it that way while in the woods. I don't do it that way anywhere else, either, but I could if I wanted to.


My oldest daughter and I were in a remote area caching awhile back and she had to do more than pee. I thought she was going to pass out, and there was no way we could make it anywhere that she could use a facility designed for the purpose. So, she did what she had to. I told her to make sure she didn't use anything with three leaves to wipe. I was impressed. I never ever thought I'd see my 24-year-old girly girl do that. Well, I didn't SEE her, since I did turn my back... but you know what I mean. I told her she was a true geocacher now. :o


(And she would KILL me if she knew I told y'all that story, so sh-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!)

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(And she would KILL me if she knew I told y'all that story, so sh-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h!)

(Taking notes and ready to hit 'global send').


Just kidding. I have told stories about my kids too that they would kill me if they found out. Must keep up the "parent code" of not saying anything.


Have a blessed week

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Yea ever been out as a member of a wild lands fire crew ?

Nothing but acres and acres of burnt off ground cover?

Black as far as you can go? Nothing to hide behind?

And then Mother Nature makes a request you can not get avoid?

One bit of advice.

Do not holler " Don't Watch". You will be, just because.


And I could tell you some stories about, nah, never mind, lets keep it "clean" shall we say?


We have come across people making "pit" stops alot. Just keep on going because it is like yawning. Once someone starts, everyone will get caught up in the action.



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Years ago, when a drink or two wasn't out of the question for a younger version of bender, I mosied off the beaten path in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. People were BBQ'in late at night, I had several beers and lots of free BBQ. I ducked into a dark corner of a big lot to relieve myself and shazamm!, just as I got lil' bender out and let loose with a big ole "AWWWWWWWWWWWW", lights come up from 2 cars and doors was openin' and closing with a furious thunder. Lo and behold, I was peein' in the mayors' yard. They frown upon that kinda thing down there. That relief cost me 88 bucks to extract myself from the local pokey. You'd think they'd have signs up or something.................



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Yea ever been out as a member of a wild lands fire crew ? 


. . . .


Do not holler " Don't Watch".  You will be, just because.


Been there, first time out on a crew I was only 19 and quite shy. How did I get over the shyness you may ask. Well the only thing worse than holding it hours past the point of bursting is the 10 mile ride back to base camp across a bumpy, rocky central oregon high desert road. That was the most miserable, painful, ride ever. I was never shy about peeing again.


Good advice about not shouting 'dont watch', but keeping quite doesn't always work either. One of the crew members I worked with a lot over my nine years on the crews, Sheila, had a knack of walking up on you while getting that much needed relief. It was like she had built in radar that forced her to catch you.


(Edit to correct region of state after further thought.)

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Not quite caught, but I have a funny story :D

My little boy is 2+, and we're potty training him, so today, we're setting out to find a few caches, so I put him some 'Nighttime Underwear' (pullups) on, and we go.

We get to what I think is the spot, and he mentions he has to pee, and wants to go home (25 miles away!) to the bathroom...So I whip mine out and show him it's ok to pee outside, but he's not having it...We get back in the car, the cache is on the other side of the river.

When we get there, he's holding himself and crossing his legs, and looks really uncomfortable, I finally get him to pee outside by demonstraton again, boy did he have to go!

I think we need to be a bit more careful on how we phrase where he needs to go from now on...home isn't always available :D

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The hubby pees everywhere we go. I seriously think he is marking territory. He was almost caught this past weekend. We had to tell him to hurry up because we could hear people coming.


I was almost caught once while I was out with my girl friend cacher. She took the kids to the car and I stopped to pee on the trail. It was practically dark so I didn't get off the trail. Next I hear her callling for me. I got finished and ran to the car and there was man coming out of the woods. Freaked us out, so we locked up and got out of there real fast.


My girls have yet to master peeing in the woods. They think they have to take there pants all the way off. Well the oldest did this and laid everything on the ground. When she got dressed she had prickly things in her pants!!

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This weekend I pulled over at the rest stop cache on I90 in New York. I saw footprints going in the general direction of the cache in the snow and thought this was going to be a quick find. I followed the footprints only to find they ended with what I would categorize as a LOT of yellow snow.

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I like the word to the wise. "Leafs of 3 don't pee."


But you must remember this when you expell yourself in the forest. Look carefully in the trees. You never know when a Game and Fish Officer may be watching for potchers and stuff and catch you in the middle of your business. And believe it or not it will cost you a ticket for indencet exposure. I didn't think it was indecent. I was happy with my stature. I guess he was jelous.

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First, almost caught in the act:

I was going up the mountain to check on a cache that was reported missing. The road forked below the cache site and above it. As I neared the fork I noticed a car below so I took the high road. I got out of my van and started walking down to the cache site. I could see the car and a lady was getting out of the passenger side and was fixing her hair and clothes. Close call.

Second, almost getting caught:

My wife and I went out caching this past weekend. We hiked a local trail for a mile and at the end where we had to turn around she said that she had to go real bad. There are houses to the south, woods to the north and then houses. We looked around the rocks and I finally found a spot that was secluded from being seen from either direction. She wanted to just go beside the trail but I told her no because someone might come up. She mentioned that we hadn't seen anyone on the trail the whole time. I told her she would literaly die if someone caught her so it would be better to get off the trail. So she did, did her thing and as she was buttoning her pants some guy walks up on the trail and looks over in our direction. I sure he was wondering what we were doing but at least he didn't see anything. I looked at my wife and said SEE you could have been caught and died right then. She muffled some comment and kept walking. :(

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The only time I was busted was in Kansas and it was by a lady that saw me but she was having the same need. We turned our backs to each other and let nature take its course. Both of us were a little embarrased but since we shaired the moment we joked about it and said our good byes.

Outdoors is sort of like an outhouse, you need to be sociable, becouse sometimes a tree might be a two seater! :laughing::rolleyes:

On the other hand have come across several couples...........well coupling

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I have that Freshette Director from Cabela's and it is so nice to have! I have no problems squatting to pee, but sometimes, using that thing is a lot more discret! Have yet to be caught, except by my kids, but that's no biggie. We're trying to teach our 5 year old he doesn't have to have his butt hang out when he pees, just the necessary parts, sure is funny though!


Yesterday we saw some guy off in the woods and I looked to see what he was doing...sure enough he was in that "stance" , lol.

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:) Never been caught in action while caching, but I did have one memorable time while serving in the Infantry. I had gone outside of the platoon perimeter to dig my cat hole and do my thing. First off, in the army, you're always wearing a lot of gear. Load Bearing Equipment, cold weather gear, rifle, entrenching tool, etc. So, after taking all of this off, I settle down against a fallen log to do my do. After standing up and bending over to pull up my pants, I saw crawling towards me the agressor platoon about to attack our platoon. Running through the woods with your pants around your ankles is a bad idea, but it is better than playing dead by falling down where you were just doing your thing.
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This has nothing with geocaching but goes with the subject at hand.


During the 1991 Paris-Brest-Paris randonee', I was riding with a group of cyclists from the UK. We were in the middle of nowhere France and it was very, very early in the morning, like 2AM, when we decided to take a group whiz. As six or eight guys were standing on the side of the road with their 'tool' in their hands the only vehicle we had seen for hours pulls up and shines a spotlight on us. Yep, the local gendarmes.

I think the cops were more embarrassed than we were. They just flashed the light off and said "Excuse'" and left in a hurry. I remember laughing so hard I almost fell in the group puddle off pee.

I'll bet there was some good stories at the police station during the shift change. :)

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I feel weird talking about this :rolleyes:, but strictly as a matter of trivia, most women can pee standing up without any special... devices. It takes practice, though. I think that restrooms site used to have a page with tips, but I can't seem to find it.

Yeah I've read about that and can kinda do it. Still practicing :unsure: The device is just as easy though and very small so can go anywhere.

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I've been almost caught quite a few times....


I even once did my business not to far from a cache... the cache got muggled... and then the owners replaced the cache in the exact spot I releaved myself:)


Now what's really cool? My daughter just turned three and has no problem going outside what so ever. Daddy is her potty B) Just the other day she was telling someone how you only go in the potty or on the grass! It was to funny!



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It's those danged suburban caches that are the worst. Guess I drink too much coffee before geocaching. There's a series of six caches in parks along the Fourth Brook in suburban New Jersey. Finding places to pee can be quite creative (including on my knees).

Or, an icy winter hike in Wawayanda State Park. I saw no one for the first hour of the hike. Decide to pee off the side of the trail, and someone hikes by. :laughing: Oh, well.

I won't tell you what I've seen in some parks. Most notably Mount Morris Park in NYC. :ph34r:

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You pee on your knees? Doesn't that make for a lot of laundry?




.sorry, couldn't help myself. it was too easy


After ten years on survey crews, I no am longer bothered by relieving myself wherever it becomes necessary. With all appropriate modesty, of course. The standing rule so to speak when out on a country road looking for a benchmark was guys in front, girls in back.



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OMG.  This morning, on Regis and Kelly, they were talking about the device for women to pee standing up.

Couple of years ago, in a big outdoor music festival, they were handing out free samples of P-mates. My wife took one, I didn't. :D


Edit: LOL, about a year ago I posted about the same message in this very thread! :D

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