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To quote the old Monterey Bay thread:




Thanks for the offers to Adopt Caches.. I have family and friends Geocachers that are active and have agreed to help me if needed.. Since I am "Retiring" I will be able to traval around more than before.. I still have grandkids in the area and can surly manage the caches that I have planted.. I am sure to stop in at a event once in awhile also.


If I feel I need to Adopt theese caches out I will ask the people who were my hiking buddies during those times..


I Hope to get to see you all on the trail soon.. It's been fun getting a area with very few caches when I first started to a area that MANY people come to so that they can geocahe..


Remember the name "Just a Short Walk" as that's all it is to go get a cache... Many Stright up , but still a short walk."


He'll be missed around here, and we wish him great success in his new home :(

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"Rest Cache", GC1642, may warrant a health check. It's had two consecutive DNFs (me included) and a few months ago was found damaged and scattered across the nearby trail. :(

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Let's keep in touch with Just a Short Walk Here, our local cacher who made things happen.

I'm still busy gathering Ammo Cans.... I'll be planting them up north ( Klamath Falls, OR.) Your all welcome to come find them.... Retired from the job in Monterey, Moved to Oregon and got a job driving a 4 wheel drive truck to the tops of mountains to fix and maintain microwave equipment.. Now I carry a Ammo cans with me to work....

Check out - The Perfect "42" "Hitchhiker's guide to Applegate"

Waypoint GCJVZD


it's only a sample of what's to come while at work!.... :P


Just a Short Walk

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LOL :o


We did a IC cache a couple weeks ago, so just out of curiosity I checked his profile and saw "Hitchhiker..." on his recent find list. Kind of reminded me of the remote caches down in Clear Creek/New Idria area that you have. Sounds like a pretty active group up in KF. Even more active with you up there ;)


Noticed a couple DNF/MIA caches down this way of yours (i.e. Bunny Caches, Ghost Town, Walk The Plank). I've got several ammo cans, and I'm sure Biggeeks can spare an Altoid tin or two :) if you want some replants done I could probably get out there in a couple of weeks.


We're headed up to Idaho for some family face time, and were thinking of driving back through KF to pick up a few pages of the Delorme Challenge in N. CA. If we do swing down through your way we'll keep an eye out for some of you new ones and drop a CA Geocoin for old times sake.

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