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How To Erase Uploaded Maps On Mapsend?

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Sorry if this is a simplistic question, but: Once I have uploaded a map to my GPS (I use a Magellan Meridian if that makes a difference), how can I erase it? For example, last weekend I took a trip to Rimouski so I uploaded the map from the MapSend software to my GPS. Now that I'm home I no longer want the Rimouski map on my GPS, how can I get rid of it? Thanks!

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Well, if you just don't want to see it, take the SD card out of your Meridian and put it away (detail maps reside on the card only). If however, you want a different detail map, just upload it and it will replace the previous one.


If you use a card reader, you can have multiple detail maps on the SD card, and use Card Utilities on you Meridian menu to switch between them. Just rename the detail map from the default to something descriptive.

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