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The rubber gasket that holds the keypad on my Garmin Legend was coming unglued so I called them to request a Repair Authorization (which they gave me). I handed the GPSr over to FedEx at 3:36pm EDT on Thursday April 13th and received the GPSr from Airborne Express nice and new at 2:08pm EDT on Friday April 16th. Can you believe that turn-around time?!?!?


Not only did they fix the keypad/gasket but they also replaced the front case and lens "for customer satisfaction." Let me tell you, they definitely have a satisfied customer here! And I was worried that I might not have it back by next Wednesday (when I need it to teach a middle-class group about geocaching). Even better I will be able to go out caching this weekend!!


Garmin Rocks!!! :lol::):)

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I recently had my Etrex Summit repaired too. I thought they just replaced the outside case, and lef the same electronics in it. Thats what they said they would do, but last night, when I tried the backlight for the first time, it had a WHITE lght, like whats on the Legend or Vista. Previously it had that sickly green color!!! I also think it has better reception too. I think they just gave me an all new unit!!!


Garmin Rocks!!!

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They gave me a free update to the city select software v5. I called them after it came out and they said my upgrade time had expired but they gave it to me anyway. I am very happy with Garmin! I wish more companies would take this approach--after all, it didn't cost Garmin anything to give me the upgrade, but they gained a lot of customer loyalty.

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