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Warn Querry


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Hi there,


Can anyone tell me what the warn function below the photo on the left hand side of the screen is?

I haven't seen it on any others, and are just wondering is there a function that I am supposed to have turned on/off and haven't done so? :lol:

I haven't been able to find anything out through the assisstant. Anyone would think I've been a naughty puppy!

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Snoop the mod is probably in more of a position to help you out here but I guess that it's something that shows up beside one's own username to let us know if we've been bad and should be sent for a "time out" or just a good old fashioned spanking. Heck, the threat of that's gotta scare most into line...

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If it's there, it means that they're keeping an eye on you. You must have done something bad! :lol:


Seriously, everyone has a warn meter. You can only see you own (when you are logged in, of course). If you violate the forum guidelines, the moderators will send you a note and increase your warning level. Moderators can see everyone's meter (so maybe they really are keeping an eye on you). As long as you follow the guidelines, you have nothing to worry about.


Also, different types of warnings will mean different things. If you use foul language, it may go up by 10% and they will moderate your posts for three days (that means that after you post, it goes to a moderator before appearing in the thread). If you do something really bad, like attack a moderator, your warn meter will go up 10% and you will be banned from the forums for a few days 9or more depending on the severity of the infraction).


Hope this clears it up.

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It is a function of the forums used to allow other moderators and the individual user to keep track of any warnings issued for not complying with the guidelines for using the forums.


If a user does something serious enough to warrant a warning they will sometimes get banned from making posts directly to the forum, their posts will only be visible after a moderator approves them. Initially these moderated posts may be for a day or a few days. If there are continued problems the moderation periods may increase until ultimately the user is either put on moderated postings indefinitely or banned completely.


It is quite unusual for these actions to be neccessary, with only a very small percentage of members receiving warnings, and only a handfull of users actually ending up being moderated.


Effectively the warning meter is a function that should have no significance for about 99.9% of the forum users. It hasn't been used for any NZ based cachers to date.

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