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Trial By Geocaching Jury

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I managed to muddle through this, and admit to skimming the last couple of pages, except for the pictures, thanks for keeping me awake! I just wanted to say I don't like the username OR the name of the caches and there's absolutely no reason to use words like that unless you WANT to push the envelope and you WANT to start controversy, and if that's the case, then buddy, you got that, goody for you.


I really don't care what happens to you or your caches, I just wanted to go on the record as being a part of this thread's madness. :lol:

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I want to bring up a point that many seem to be missing. Not all that offends is offensive.


For example take Duanes username 'Upinyachit', Obviously this is a play on a common (yes common) phrase. Some apparently find it offensive, some (myself included) could care less. Much worse is said and plainly so on prime time TV that your children watch every day. In fact I just finnished watching a video on the Disney Channel with my son called 'Naked Mole Rat Rap' which I am sure some would find offensive. Another thing to remember (something everyone brags so much about) is that geocaching is a world-wide sport. What is offensive in some areas is found acceptable and even humorous in others. For example in this part of the country their is a company that sells large portion frozen foods out of vending machines called 'BigAZZ Burgers'. Now this package clearly displayes the TM mark right under that name meaning that the U.S. Patent office found it acceptable. In fact there is also a tool company (ChannelLock) that makes a line of hand tools referred to as BigAZZ Pliers. Hopefully not many of you mechanically inclined types find that too offensive and do not buy the product.


I could go on, but a simple Google search and you can find many similar plays on words that are used on licensed products sold in stores throughout the free world. So while there are certainly some issues that obviously need working out, I somehow think it goes far beyond a username and would find it oppressive to insist someone change such a harmless name as a condition of not being banned from a forum.


That's just my opinion and I could be wrong (and I am sure those that think so will be sure to jump in and say so).

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The guy chose a name to cache under that is unfortunate. It was probably more acceptable before caching ballooned into what it is today. If GC.com want him to change it then they need to ask him to do so politely and privately. After all, it was accepted to begin with. Otherwise, it should be considered as another grandfathered item like some caches are. Oh, I don't particularly like it but it's there and it is a matter of record. If you, dear reader, don't like it, then a private e-mail to GC.com saying so would be the way to go. Enough of those and then, perhaps, they will make the move asking for it to be changed.


Regarding the caches in question, the case has been stated well by the approver and that discussion needs to come to an end.


RK used the word 'mob' in an earlier post and that is exactly the word I was using in my mind too. I think the way that some people are posting in this thread is horrifying. If anyone else wishes to tell the guy to 'go away' then please note that where the words, in the literal or the contextual sense, 'we don't want you' do NOT include me in the 'we' aspect. As far as I can see, the matter is between GC.com and one of the members of the cache placing community. While I am aware that the thread started with a request for a jury trial, that does not open up the thread for all of the 'we don't like you' style of posts. When was a jury able to make that kind of comments? There is something appearing here that is almost a form of blood lust. It's ugly and tends to run away with its self.

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