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Gps V, Mapsource And Nad 27???

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I'm going a fishing trip next month and I want to use my Garmin V for routing with Mapsource and use the fishing map that shows the "hotspots" in NAD27.


If I load the waypoints for my hotspots while in WGS84 mode will they be messed up ?? If I switch over to NAD 27 mode - enter the hotspots and switch back - will it work?


I could really use some help. Thanks.



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I believe the V will make the necessary adjustments to the waypoint coords as you change datums. If that's the case then switch to NAD27 before entering any of your "hot spot" coords.

The best thing to do is try it and observe any change in lat/long as you switch back and forth between datums.


Cheers, Olar

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