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New Jersey Cito Event


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The Hilltop Conservancy Group of Essex County is hosting it's First Annual CITO Event, "Heal the Hilltop" Day on Saturday May 1, 2004, with a rain date of Sunday May 2nd. The Hilltop Reservation is part of the abandoned Essex County Sanitarium property. Approximately 230+ acres has been designated as a reservation. Please help us return this property into a pristine woodland. The Conservancy is a brand new volunteer group who are interested in preserving this land for hiking trails, a nature preserve and other recreational activities. We are meeting in the parking lot off Fairview Avenue in Cedar Grove, NJ @ 0900hrs. the coordinates are: N 40 51.133 W 74 14.705

This should be a primo CITO event, please bring work gloves and footwear suitable for working in a wooded area. Water and snacks will be provided by Johnny Rotten. :lol:

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Is there a place to BBQ?

The weekend schedule is still a little sketchy for me, something about using the PU to move someone's apartment.

But I have a bunch of bags and a couple extra pairs of gloves.

I'll bring along some bottles water, and if there is a BBQ I still have 1/2 a bag of charcoal from last weekend.

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530 am - just got out of work early and keeping busy to stay awake until 9. I read we needed an ammo can for the event cache, I have one that I'll bring up. I also will bring so goodies to place inside the cache. Well I'll see everyone in alittle bit.

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What a nice way to spend a sunny Saturday morning. It was a pleasure to meet Avroair, Bldebabe, Ekitt10, and JohhnyRotten. Also nice to see Hart and Kber again. The group definitely made huge progress with all the trash up in Hilltop.

Thanks JohnnyROtten for supplying water and snacks to everyone. This was an excellent way to do good and meet some new people.

Sorry if I forgot anyone or anything but I'm pretty much exhausted right now.


Oh yeah thanks Avroair and Bldebabe for pointing out the tons of ticks on me every time I walked 5 feet. I swear they where everywhere!! :D AFter I got home I noticed one on my leg and got to use my niffty tick remover for the first time. :D It was bound to happen sooner or later.

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It must be my charming personality. :D Oh by the way I found two more hiding in my pants later that day. One tick even tagged along with me to work on my pickup. As I was driving I saw the little bugger crawling on the outside of my window. I'm thinking about naming and adopting him.

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