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West Highland Way

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Next week we (some friends and i) are going to walk a bit arround in de highlands. We will walk the west highland way. As a member of the geocaching i'd like to look for some caches in the area. Who can help me with a list of caches which are on the track or nearby the way.


Please send any information to: franjus@hetnet.nl






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Hello Frank..sadly there are no caches on the West Highland Way ... there are several nearby .. but all would require a big detour ..which would probably take too much time out of your planned trip nearest is GCHHE6 dogmuck park…. Its at the start ...Milngavie ….. its approx. 1 km away everything else is 4 - 5 Km away which I guess is too far.

Enjoy the Walk regards FFB

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The first of eight caches has just been placed on the West Highland Way, hopefully there will be a few more before you start your walk, see....

... WHW Day5 (Saint Fillan's) ... it is at the halfway point.

Hope you enjoy your visit! :mad:

You have bet TartanT and I to it. We where going to put some caches along the West Highland Way, and have a bonus cache in Fort William. Guess we'll just have to do the walk and get all of yours instead.

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Hi there, HaggisHunter,


There are six cachers intending placing these caches out along the 8 sections of the WHW...

Flyfishermanbob is co-ordinating all, and who is in also touch with SYHA also re the same. Contact him for further info or possibilities/arrangements.


Regards and good GC as ever! :mad: DD

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I think that a big thank you is in order to Flyfishermanbob for organising caches along the West Highland Way. My determination to walk this route has now increased considerably!


How about the Southern Upland Way, the Lairig Ghru, the Great Glen Way and St Cuthbert's Way now???


I've just discovered that there is a long distance walk called the Rob Roy Way too. Too many places to go, too little time to see them!

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How about the Southern Upland Way, the Lairig Ghru, the Great Glen Way and St Cuthbert's Way now???


Great idea FoF, :D particularly along the Great Glen, I wonder if some of the more Northerly cachers would take it up?... a Caledonian Canal series perhaps..Ft William to Inverness. would tie nicely with the end of the WHW.

Similarly, further South, from East to West, a Forth and Clyde, Union or Crinan Canal series might be an easier option in the meantime. Hhmmmn?? :D


Cheers, DD

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The deed is done and all are in place .... thanks to :-Reservoirdog ;Pooter ;Gruff;Deputy Dawg;Spiorowhatshisname and Billy Twigger ...Its gratifying to see that even without publicity a Belgan WHW walker /cacher has attempted most of them ...Great to see returns coming in for so much effort...well done again people.

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And Snaik has announced his intention to place some caches along the Cateran trail in Perthshire now. He's a busy man!


Yep, Looking forward to seeing the set of Snaik's caches on the trail, as I hardly know that area at all. What I really need is free time to do them :blink: ...or any, for that matter!!

Rgds, DD

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