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Calibrating Altimeter

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I don't have a Geko, but I assume that what you have to do is go to a location where the elavation is known, either by a looking at a map or having it posted someplace. For example, you are at a trailhead, and the map shows the elavation is 1000 feet, you use that value for your GPS.

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Awesome! My 301 should be here tomorrow... I'm really looking forward to it. I planned on hitting a benchmark.

Unless you need extreme precision, it's really not necessary to calibrate the unit. It will perform automatic zone calibration on its own, which, in my experience, has always been correct to within 10'.


And while you can run out to a benchmark or the airport to calibrate your unit, keep in mind that the calibration will only be good for a matter of hours.

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Thanks to all for your replies. I tried www.topozone.com first but you have to pay $50 for a membership to get your elevation details :lol: . I am very pleased with my Geko which is probably the first usable GPS which is small enough to mount on handlebars. Well done Garmin! :lol:



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No, you don't have to pay anything to follow the instructions you were given :)


You can look at the topo map and read the contour lines and interpolate your elevation. If you spend $49.95 for a TopoZone Pro subscription you get a bunch of new features, one of which is the display of the best available National Elevation Dataset (NED) elevation data in feet and meters at any spot you click. It's very likely to NOT be the same number as you read from the map.


For a recreational altimeter, just reading the contour lines from the topo is more than accurate enough.

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