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Camera With Integrated Gps

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While looking for software to stamp my photos with location codes I came across this.

Camera with integrated GPS

I thought it was interesting and looks very cool. 

For a more cost effective solution, give this a look.


While I still have some things I'd still like to improve on, here is a fairly recent picture with some enhancements since I wrote the article:




I am an accountant, not a programmer but I'd be happy to help anyone who wishes to try this for themselves. The Kodak DC290 takes good pictures and can be had on e-bay for less than $150. The rest of the necessary pieces can be had for less than $25.



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Rick from GeoSpatial Experts planted some of the coolest caches here in Northern Colorado when Geocaching was just getting started. He had a lot of time on his hands because he had just gotten laid off from a .com with about 10 minutes notice. The only severence he got was a box of "leatherman like" promotional items from the failed .com that he used as trade items in his caches. So I am pretty happy to see him be able to do work that he enjoys again and maybe do something nice for his family. I always like a story of someone who takes lemons and makes lemonade :lol:

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Watermarking photos with coordinates is cool, but if you need to put clickable thumbnails on the map, you really don't need any cables or special hardware. Your digital camera (almost any type) already puts quite precise timestamps into JPG files it produces, and programs like QuakeMap relate it to timestamps on tracklogs. So just carry GPS and snap the camera - and when you return - put JPGs and track in the same folder - drag the folder on QuakeMap window - voila! - here is your illustrated trip!

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