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Best Price For A Garmin 60cs?

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I am looking right now and this is what I am seeing



60c 384.95

60CS 429.95



60c $449.99

60cs $499.99



60c 378.94

60cs 421.94



60c $380

60cs $420



60c $379.95

60cs 429.95



60c $365

60cs $405



60c $367

60cs $415



60c $369.95

60cs $409.95



60c $369.95

60cs $409.95



60c $372.08

60cs $413.43



60c $357.99

60cs $396.99



60c $367.86

60cs $408.74



60c $362.49

60cs $405.00



I can't get the site to come up right now



This is the latest that I have seen. I will be ordering mine this weekend, please let me know if you see anything cheaper.




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I can vouch for the service from GPSDiscount. I bought two Rino 120's from them last week and the price was as low as I could find. They are very friendly and they threw in a couple of padded cases to boot. Their prices are within a couple dollars of the lowest you found and they are geocacher-friendly. They donate prizes to the local geocacher group for our twice-a-year flings so I'm happy to support them in return.


I have no affiliation with GPSDiscount other than as a satisfied customer.



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I got mine from getfeetwet for $395 plus shipping (407.50) plus a t-shirt. I didn't spring for faster shipment so it took a bit longer than I was expecting. I ordered it on Sun., 05/16/04 and got it on 05/28/04. I was having trouble with their site and didn't realize I could have got the bundle for $36 more or I would have done it.

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Got mine yesterday from getfeetwet... Great combo price - great company - while they where on backorder I was able to speak to a real person twice immediately when I called and I got a realistic delivery date that they met.... I'll definately keep them on my recommend list and will buy there again...

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I bought mine at getagps.com for $357 + tax and shipping. I guess with it based out of Miami and me living in Fl, I got hit with sales tax. I now see that the price has increased to $397 and they are out of stock right now. Supply and demand at work affecting the price I guess.

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